Fireplace conversion Fireplace Conversion
  Wood Fireplace Conversion to Gas. The results can be impressive. With modern design options like a large viewing area and LED lighting can produce…
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Plumber Pipe Leak Piping Service
Piping Service Solutions For Water, Gas, Air, Steam, Chilled and Sanitary Piping. PDM is your piping service specialist beginning 135 years ago. We created some of the…
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Pdm Group Photo In Front Of Vans 2 Why Hire PDM
  Everything we do is built on your best interests Why? Because your best interest means we genuinely care about your safety and your equipment…
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Boiler Radiator 1024x744 1 10 Common Boiler Repairs
Even though hot water and steam boilers are dependable, everything breaks down over time. This is especially true without annual boiler maintenance. Here are a…
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Seniors Breathing Easy 1024x479 1 Best Air Purifying Technology
What if you could reduce Covid-19 particles to almost zero?  We know that we'd jump at the chance to protect our family and guests! Our…
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Phcc Pro Series Pumps Sump Pump Solutions
Industrial-grade sump pump for your home. PDM Plumbing Professionals can help with any sump pump need. How do you handle regular sump pump maintenance? Or…
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