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Tired of using perfumes to conceal body odors?

PDM Plumbing offered some of the first hot water storage tanks back in the late 1880’s! You’ll receive neat, fresh, water heater experts who think differently. We won’t cut corners when it comes to your safety or comfort!

PDM will get your hot water flowing fast. From a water heater leaking, gas or electric hot water heater repair, storage tank help, to water heater installation. Get the highest level of service and workmanship and the best water heaters made in America.

Do you flush your water heater?

Sediment, over time, turns to concrete and water heater problems. That means less hot water and more expensive hot water. Sediment ultimately kills your water heater. We recommend flushing your water heater tank annually for a healthy life.  Flushing a water heater makes dollars and sense.

Don’t invite just anyone over.

PDM Plumbers are specialists, not a jack of all trades. Your hot water heater repair professional is certified, licensed, fully insured, background checked and has random drug testing for your protection. Plus we’ll text or email you a photo and bio of your plumber.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

PDM works to repair your water heater the right way, not the easy way. But if anything goes wrong (sometimes it does) it’s one call does it all. No need to try to get results from a manufacturer. Try the oldest local plumber for hot water heater repair or installation.  Contact The Water Heater King.

" Good job – Your guys repaired my water heater after another company botched the install. I called your company based on my previous experience. Keep up the good work. " — W.G.     Read More Reviews>


Latest self cleaning, energy efficient water heater.

You’ll love taking a sparkling fresh shower or bath with our new, soothing, high efficient gas or electric hot water heater. Enjoy more hot water to remove aches, pain and dirt in minutes.

  • Safety first. Replacing is one thing, but is your existing water heater installed to current safety codes? Not all plumbers are equal. PDM licensed plumbers will install your water heater like their own making sure it complies with local building code.
  • Your custom water heater installation includes delicate soldering, beautifully designed like a poem…not cheap, ugly, flexible water pipe.
  • Toxic CO gases are ventilated safely and much more… See installation details below.
  • Warranty. We know our water heaters are the best there are. That’s why we provide you with this extra measure of a six-year limited warranty on both tank and parts at no extra cost.
  • FREE removal and recycle your old water heater to keep the earth a little greener and you a little happier.

Call a genuinely nice PDM plumber for neat, safe water heater replacement. Made in the USA and guaranteed to last. No mess to clean up or you get $75. Call a trusted partner with a proven 133 year track record.

Contact PDM for hot water heater repair or installation service.


  • Quality hot water heater installation, energy efficiency, performance and reliability plus industry-leading warranties. Energy Star models for home and business.
  • Solid warranty – 1, 6 or 10 year limited parts and labor insurance and 6 or 10 year limited tank warranty.
  • Safety first. Replacing is one thing, but is your existing water heater installed to current safety codes? PDM plumbers are state licensed and will make sure your water heater is safely installed to code.
  • Clean your chimney base of all debris and see if the flue pipe from the new heater is pitching up toward the chimney to keep you safe.

  • Change any parts needed within three feet of your water heater. Some companies quote a cheap price and then add-on charges.
  • Designed to look great. We DO NOT believe in using cheap flexible copper water connectors. We solder copper fittings designed for your unique job.
  • Test emergency gas, electric and water shut-off valves. We also test the temperature and pressure relief valve, gas and water leaks, even carbon monoxide for safe operation.
  • Ensure sufficient draft upstream to remove deadly carbon monoxide gases.
  • Prevent painful hot water scalding by setting water temperature around 120 degrees.

  • Clean up the work area, many times better than when we began. Surprisingly that’s not always the case with other companies, they leave you a mess. If we leave a mess you get $75.
  • Free removal and recycle of your old water heater, $25 value.
  • Rest assured we won’t cut corners. Call The PDM Water Heater King for help today. We’d be happy to help you or your friends at anytime.

Joliet Water Heater Installation award

“Excellent Experience And Staff! I had a good experience with PDM Plumbing, Heating, Cooling. I have been with them for a quite a while now and they have always done great work for me. They put in a new hot water heater in for me last week, and they have done kitchen faucets and a water softener for me in my home. The staff was very friendly and they made sure to clean up after themselves. Since they were doing work in my home, it’s important that I could trust them because you don’t want to call just anybody. I would keep using them for my plumbing needs and I would absolutely recommend them to future customers.. " — Eleanor M.    Read More Reviews>


Hot water heater installation Joliet

A Quality Hot Water Heater For Every Lifestyle

  • The Hydrojet® Total Performance System reduces the accumulation of  hard water sediment for better efficiency, longer tank life and more hot water.
  • Vitraglas® tank enamel provides unsurpassed protection and longer life.
  • Defender Safety System® resists the ignition of flammable vapors from a spill.
  • The ICON System™ gas control technology improves performance, enhances first-hour hot water delivery.
  • 6 year warranty or extended 10 year warranty.

Made in America.

Call for free advice and quick response. Phone 815-726-6264.

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