Pipe Leak Repair

Pipe Leak Inspection & Repair Services In SW Chicago & Joliet, IL Since 1885

Pipe leak. Your pipes are working for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They might be bringing water or gas into your home, or sending sewage and waste out. They're mostly hidden away, doing their job stoically, never needing your attention.

Until they do.

Broken or corroded pipes can quickly become a big problem - especially depending on what they carry. You want to be certain that your entire pipe network is solidly installed with good structural integrity. To do that, you need a company that brings over 100 years of pipework experience to the table. That company is PDM Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Since 1885. We fix a pipe leak fast.

Pipe Leak And The Benefits Of Replacing Your Pipes

For something you never see, your pipes can have a huge impact. Here are some reasons to you may want to replace your leaking pipes:

  • Water Quality - Corrosion - especially when it comes as a result of microbial contamination - can make your water unsafe to drink.
  • Property Value - You may not regularly see your pipes, but an appraiser will certainly take a look, and his opinion could have a big effect on your property's value.
  • Corroded Or Old Pipes - If your pipes aren't in good shape, they can spread damage to other fixtures in your home, like appliances, bathtubs, tile and more.
  • Insurance Cost - Because of the inherent risk of damage if your piping fails, having brand-new piping makes your home safer and brings down those insurance premiums.
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When You Think Pipes, Think PDM

PDM has been doing this a long time - so long, in fact, that we're one of the oldest piping experts in the country. That longevity brings experience you can leverage to make sure your piping system is in top shape. We offer free estimates, quality work done quickly and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're ready to have your pipes replaced, send us a message online or call 815-726-6264 today!

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