PDM’s Green Initiatives

Clean Comfort & Green Savings

There are a number of different ways to maximize your home comfort while minimizing your energy use. PDM Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Since 1885, with our knowledgeable team and quality products, can assist you in coming up with a plan to turn your home or business green - while saving you green in the process. Clean comfort, monthly savings and environmental responsibility; you can’t go wrong with PDM’s green services.

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Green Heating & Air Services

Replace HVAC, Central AC or Furnace - While it may seem like a major expense, the long term benefits of a new energy efficient HVAC, central AC or furnace make it worth your while. Technology is always improving, making the newest models the most green and eco-friendly yet. Plus, newer units can run almost whisper-quiet, as opposed to the loud roar of older machines.

Regular HVAC Maintenance - Even the most energy efficient system can turn into a power drain if it’s not working correctly. Regular maintenance can make sure your green HVAC system is working to its full potential. Plus, maintenance can prevent system downtime, which might force you to use alternative, less environmentally friendly options while you get repairs.

Smart Thermostats - Maintaining the heating or cooling in your home is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Weather changes throughout the day, there are unexpected changes in temperature and many other factors that can alter your AC needs. A smart thermostat is able to learn the ebb and flow of your cooling or heating needs and adjust accordingly. This energy efficiency provides you with greater savings, and the less energy you use, the better it is for the environment.

Green Plumbing Solutions

Water Heaters - Older water heaters held a tank of water that they would heat up and hold at temperature; when the tank was emptied, it would have to be refilled and the whole process started again. Newer tankless water heaters save energy by only heating the water as it is needed, reducing energy costs in an eco-friendly way. Not only that, but the hot water is on demand - no more running out of hot water!

Insulated Pipes - Pipes may do the job of getting water where it needs to go in your home, but if they are uninsulated they may not bring all the heat with it. Insulated pipes help to hold in the heat, making your home more energy-efficient and saving the time (and wasted water) you use warming up your tap. In the colder months, the insulation helps prevent pipe damage from freezing, saving you on costly repairs.

Ready to take the eco-friendly plunge?

Then it’s time to begin your own green initiative! Go green, save some green and make your neighbors green with envy by letting PDM remake your home into an energy-efficient oasis. Contact the pros today online or by phone at 815-726-6264

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