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Filtering Water.

Of course, water minerals aren't the only thing to be concerned about. Water quality has been in the news more and more. Is your water clean, fresh and free of any chemicals that could be potentially harmful to you or your family? Chlorine is a health concern too. If you want peace of mind about the quality of your water, PDM has a reliable water filtration system. Whole house water filtering. RO drinking filtered water systems. Rusty water filtering.


Water Softener

Hard water has a high concentration of minerals such as chalk, limestone and gypsum. Hard water minerals stick to everything it touches. Hard water joins with soap to make a sticky paste that clings to skin, hair, clothes, sinks and more.

While hard water isn’t toxic to drink, it can prevent your skin, hair, clothes from being cleaned thoroughly and can leave residue on your dishes, laundry, fixtures and in your water appliances and pipes. This can cause damage to your plumbing down the line, which can be costly to fix. A water softener system helps to prevent damage and unnecessary expenses by filtering out the minerals in your water. Read more about why you should look into our water softener services.

How much does a whole house water filtration system cost?

Installing a whole-house water treatment and filtration system will cleanse your water while also removing particles and potentially hazardous substances. The unit and installation of a residential water filtering system costs around $2,058. Expect to pay $1000 on the low end and $3,100 or more on the high end. You may also install an under-sink filtering system. These point-of-use systems are simple to install and range in price from $150 to $1,200.

What are the different types of water filtration systems and their cost?

Carbon filter systems range in price from $50 to $500 and serve to enhance the taste and smell of water by removing chlorine. Lower-end alternatives often include carbon gravel, but higher-end choices come in block form.

UV light water treatment systems range in price from $500 to $1,500 or more. Because they only neutralize living organisms, pair your unit with other treatment system installations (like bacteria).

Well-water filters range in price from $1,000 to $4,000 or more. The kind you select should address concerns unique to your well, such as excessive silt, microorganisms, or toxic substances.

Ionization systems use a low-frequency electromagnetic pulse to ionize water. Ionization systems range in price from $1,000 to $2,000 and reverse the charges of minerals.

Reverse osmosis systems range in price from $250 to $4,000. The majority of homes choose under-sink, faucet-based devices, which range in price from $250 to $1,300. Whole-house models typically range from $1,000 to $4,000. These systems need regular filter replacements, which raises the overall cost over time.

Are home water filtration systems worth it?

Most people think so. A whole-house water filtration system, also known as a point-of-entry (POE) filter, purifies water as it enters your home. This system not only ensures that you have cleaner, softer, and better-smelling drinking water without having to worry about dirt, rust, or sediment, but it also provides filtered water to your appliances, showerheads, and every other home water outlet, extending the life of your fixtures.

Exceptional Water Filtering, Exceptional Service, Exceptional People.

For over 100 years, our family-owned business has excelled in providing innovative water quality solutions. If your water filtration system has issues and needs to be maintained or repaired, give us a call to learn more about our filtered water systems.

With our water softener services, PDM will inspect your water softener or water filtration system top-to-bottom to learn what needs fixing, what needs maintaining and what can wait for later. You'll get all options and prices before the work begins. We service all major brands, including Culligan, Fleck, GE, Kenmore, Kinetico and more.

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Putting Hard Water In Its Place.

Hard water does have its uses - it provides essential dietary minerals like calcium and magnesium. PDM will hook your water softener system up to your hot water line, to help protect your hair, skin and appliances from its negative effects, but to still leave it available for you and your family to drink cold. Our filtration systems can go on both lines to ensure there's nothing toxic or dangerous in the water you use every day.


Better Water Filtering For A Better Life.

At PDM, we don't think of ourselves as offering service. We offer solutions. Whatever problems you might be facing with your home or business plumbing system, we can help you solve them. When it comes to your water filtering needs, you can't take any chances, so send us a message online or give us a call at 815-726-6264 today! Fast water softener services or water filtration system is just a call away.


Water Softener

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