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Even though we enjoy one of the best water standards in the world we still can have objections. 75% OF AMERICANS ARE CONCERNED ABOUT THEIR WATER. How do you feel about a water filter system?

  • Cities, private wells, even next door neighborhoods water quality can differ.
  • If your water doesn’t meet your standards for taste or quality, PDM’s experienced Joliet water filtering team can offer solutions for your home, school or business.
  • City and well water filtering for drinking water, hard water, iron, rust, odors, rotten eggs smell, chlorine and more.
  • Commercial water treatment for restaurants, hospitality, education, landlords, healthcare, small manufacturing, grocery stores.
  • PDM cares about your health and safety. We are licensed, insured, and prescreened for your protection. Your total satisfaction guaranteed.

Does your water embarrass you? Contact PDM’s Clean Water Team for water filtering advice.


Enjoy Chlorine-Free Healthy Water At Every Faucet

Municipalities water filter system do their best to provide drinkable water to you. They use chemicals, among them chlorine, to treat the water and kill most disease-causing bacteria and viruses before water gets to your home.

Scientists have known for years that chlorine carries risks. Chlorine causes your skin and hair to be dryer and look older. Chlorine also increases rates of bladder cancer, birth defects, and brain cancer have been associated with chlorine. When you bathe with tap water you are exposed to chloroform, a hazardous by-product of chlorination that can be absorbed through the skin, by breathing, or by swallowing shower or bath water.

Learn what you need to know about chlorine. Ask PDM’s Water Filtering Pros for advice on the best whole house water filter and commercial water filtration system.

Joliet Water Filtering


Water Filtering For Drinking & Bathing
  • The treatment is much easier than spritzing yourself with Evian water.
  • A top-quality water filter system can cleanse chlorine contaminants from all the water coming into your house.
  • “Bottled water” throughout your entire home, cost-effectively and conveniently.
  • The filter is connected to the main water line entering your home.
  • It works automatically… nothing for you to do except enjoy the benefits of clean, healthier water at every faucet.
  • If you want the best filtering system, we can include a reverse osmosis filter for drinking and cooking.


How’s The Quality Of Your Water?

Even if your water is crystal clear, you may still have a problem from pollutants like lead and bacteria that can adversely affect the quality of your water.

Do You Buy Bottled Water?

If you do you must trust the quality and like the taste of bottled water over your tap.

You have to admit, bottle water is inconvenient when it comes to buying, storing and moving it from one place to another. Include the added cost and environmental concerns of unfriendly plastic being dumped into landfills and you begin scratching your head wondering if you should invest in a quality water filter for your home.

Reverse osmosis (RO) water filter is used by many water bottling plants and industries needing ultra-refined water.

Reverse osmosis can make your tainted water disappear fast. We offer a quality commercial grade reverse osmosis water filter – the most convenient and thorough filtering method available.

Joliet RO Water Filter

How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?

Water pressure forces water molecules through a 0.0001 micron semi-permeable spiral wound membrane removing contaminants. An important part of reverse osmosis is that substances left behind are automatically flushed down a drain so contaminants don’t build up in the system like most water filtering devices.

What value do you place on convenience?

Add lower water cost, environmental concerns, and most importantly, quality assurance (some bottled water is filtered for taste only), and a reverse osmosis filter is your answer.

Call The PDM Clean Water Team for free advice on the best reverse osmosis system at 815-726-6264.

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