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Joliet Bathroom Remodels: Reimagine Your Retreat

Dreaming of a bathroom that's more spa-like and less, well, basic? Universal design for safe space for everyone?

At PDM, we can build a bathroom that's both beautiful and functional. We've been transforming bathrooms in the southwest Joliet Chicago suburbs for over a century.

Why Choose PDM?

  • Unleash Your Inspiration: Browse Kohler's stunning designs to find the perfect look for your bathroom. Kohler's inspiration
  • Expertise Since 1885: We're committed to old-fashioned craftsmanship and getting the job done right, on time, and – most importantly – safely.
  • Your Oasis Awaits: We guarantee your satisfaction, transforming your bathroom into a haven of comfort,relaxation, and safety.


Ready to Relax?

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Make Your Bathroom Safer & Accessible

Is your bathroom a potential hazard?

Statistics show that for people over 65, nearly 80% of falls happen in the bathroom according to the National Institute on Aging, CDC and others.

Age in place safely.

Make your bathroom a haven of comfort and safety with PDM's universal bathroom remodeling expertise. We can help you stay independent at home, no matter your mobility needs. Whether you use a cane, walker, or wheelchair, even minor adjustments can make a big difference.

PDM: Your One-Stop Shop for Bathroom Safety

Our team of specialists can tackle projects of any size, for your home or business. A popular choice is converting a bathtub into a safe and accessible curbless shower. We can also install grab bars, handheld showers, shower seats, and even steam rooms for ultimate relaxation.

Universal Design Ideas for Everyone

Here are some ways PDM can enhance your bathroom's safety and usability:

  • Safety grab bars: Installed strategically near toilets, showers, tubs, and even countertops to provide stability.
  • Smart toilet seat: Taller toilets with heated seats, night lights, and other features for comfort and ease of use.
  • Hand-held shower with a second shower valve
  • Smart home technology:  Touchless faucets, voice-controlled shower valves, and more.
  • Slip-resistant flooring: Added to existing tile or as part of a new floor installation.
  • Improved ventilation: Humidity-sensing fans and motion-activated lighting/fans.


Experience PDM's Difference

PDM is your trusted source for ADA-compliant bathroom remodeling, with a 7-generation legacy of quality craftsmanship. Our caring team offers free consultations and old-fashioned customer service.

Call PDM today at 815-390-7095 to create a safer, more comfortable bathroom for you.

Experience the Future of Showering 

For over a century, we've been helping you create the perfect bathroom experience. Now, we're excited to introduce the digital shower, a revolutionary way to transform your morning routine.

Embrace Precision, Not Sacrifice Tradition:

Imagine stepping into a shower that remembers your ideal temperature and spray pattern. With the digital shower, you can control everything with a touch, creating a personalized spa-like experience every time.

The PDM Difference:

We understand some may prefer the familiar. That's why we offer a range of shower solutions, from traditional models to cutting-edge digital smart technology. Our team of experts is here to guide you, ensuring your new shower reflects your style and preferences.

Call for old-fashioned craftsmanship and a team who cares. Call PDM at 815-390-7095 .

  • Design - We meet with you to discuss your needs, your goals and how we can bring them to life. Though we focus on HVAC and plumbing we are also a one-stop-shop for other trades involved in your remodel. We keep working with you until we have a design that makes your vision a reality.
  • Plan - You get a complete breakdown of the work, including a price estimate and construction timeline. We want you to know exactly how the process will go so you don't have to stress over any detail.
  • Build - Our in-house teams excel in detailed custom projects, bringing expert craftsmanship and commitment to quality to everything they do. We complete your remodel on time, on budget and with everything fully cleaned up. We leave your house exactly as we found it - apart from one brand-new sparkling bathroom.
PDM Go Green Image
Call Now 815-390-7095 Give PDM a call today to learn more about the Go Green Options for our home.

Unwind and Recharge: The Latest Innovations for Your Bathroom Oasis

Imagine a bathroom that caters to your every need, promoting relaxation and hygiene. Thanks to advancements in technology, that dream is no longer a distant reality.

Focus on Hygiene with a Touchless Experience:

  • Wave goodbye to germs: Touchless faucets and smart shower valves offer a cleaner, hands-free approach.
  • Self-flushing toilets: A simple wave or motion sensor takes care of flushing, further minimizing contact.


Upgrade Your Relaxation Routine:

  • Steam showers: Create a spa-like atmosphere with a luxurious steam shower, perfect for unwinding after a long day.
  • The ultimate throne: Smart toilet seat elevate your bathroom experience with features like heated seats,automatic opening/closing lids, and built-in bidets for a touch of luxury.
  • Smart shower valve: Now with three ways to control your shower: voice, phone, and controller.


Beyond the Basics: Indulge in Smart Features

  • PerfectFill by Kohler: Enjoy a perfectly drawn bath every time with this system's automated water filling and temperature control.
  • The BeautiFridge by Summit Appliance: Because sometimes, a relaxing shower calls for a post-bath beverage.
  • The BBalance smart scale: This innovative scale goes beyond weight, analyzing body composition and posture for a more comprehensive health picture.

Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of comfort and hygiene. Explore these latest advancements and create a space that reflects your commitment to well-being. Call 815-390-7095 .


PDM Takes Time To Help - Call Today!

Let us bring our experience and commitment to bear to give you the bathroom of your dreams. Send us a message online or give us a call at 815-390-7095 to get started! Free Estimate available.

How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom near Joliet IL?

Homeowners looking to remodel a bathroom in the Joliet, IL area can expect to pay around $1,000 to $10,000 for minor/partial remodels, or $20,000 or more for higher end designs and extensive remodels. The costs can seem high for the small amount of space being worked on. However, there are many different factors that go into this, including:

  • Plumbing
  • Moisture Content
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Decorating Schemes

More than half of the cost of the remodel will go to labor. Tearing out old tile and plumbing is labor-intensive, but the real cost of labor lies in plumbing and bathroom design. Relocating a shower, toilet or sink requires extensive plumbing work. 

The rest of the budget will be spent on materials. The cost of bathroom flooring and shower tile can greatly affect the price.

For a free price estimate on your bathroom remodel, call PDM Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. We bring over 135 years of experience in bathroom remodel contracting. For practical solutions that fit your needs and budget, call PDM today at (815) 726-6264.

How long does it take to remodel a bathroom near Joliet IL?

Trying to determine how long a bathroom remodel might take can be difficult. Small jobs might take a few days while a complete overhaul might take a month or two. Some factors that might impact the time include:

  • Type of work done - Is it a cosmetic remodel or a stripped-down, total rebuild?
  • Number of subcontractors - The more subcontractors involved, the longer it could take to figure out everyone’s schedules.
  • Availability of materials - For special-order goods, the remodel could last longer. 

While these factors will have an impact on the time a remodel will take, PDM Plumbing, Heating & Cooling has the expertise and experience to provide you with a very accurate estimate.

Find out how long your remodel will take with a free estimate. Call (815) 726-6264.

Why should I hire a plumbing contractor for my bathroom remodel project near Joliet IL?

While it’s tempting to DIY when considering a bathroom remodel, it is worth it to call in the professionals. A few reasons why homeowners in Joliet, IL choose to hire a plumbing contractor to do their bathroom remodels include:

  • Setting up the drainage system is complex. Hiring a professional plumber will help avoid sluggish drainage problems or leaks when the remodel is complete.
  • Assessing the condition of the pipes can be challenging. A professional plumber can determine what existing pipes can stay and which need to go. 
  • It’s hard to foresee what problems might arise. The homeowner would be responsible for any mishaps and future problems unless they used a professional plumber. A plumbing company will be bonded and insured for any mishaps that could occur, and the project would be covered under warranty.

For more questions about your bathroom remodel, call PDM Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today at (815) 726-6264. We offer free estimates and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all remodel work, and have been proudly serving the Joliet area for 135 years.

5 Star Review

Outstanding Job! I have been looking for a reliable plumber to install my utility sink in my laundry room. I called to schedule, the office staff explained cost and said Pete would the man for the job. The office staff said Pete can estimate and do job the next day, what service. Pete was on time as promised 8:00-8:30 he reviewed work to be done and estimated the job, Pete was polite and explained everything that he was doing cleaned up after himself. I would use PDM Plumbing again in the future for my Plumbing needs. Highly recommend Pete. -- Brian K.


Custom Service Beyond Compare. PDM excels - at Prompt Dynamic and Maximal Service! Plumbing flummoxes me, but the PDM crew takes it in their stride, calms this grandma‘s nerves, and stills the waters! -- Kathy R.



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