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Because your kitchen is such an essential part of your home, when plumbing issues arise it can really throw off your day. Leaky faucets, a lack of hot water, dishwasher leaks, garbage disposal issue, clogged drains, grease traps or low water pressure - all of these are huge inconveniences you shouldn't have to face. That's why home and commercial kitchens are one of PDM's specialties.

Instead of getting bogged down in water leaks or clogged lines, you can use your kitchen for its true purpose - lovingly prepared food and memorable family times. Don't let minor issues get in the way of you enjoying your home. If your kitchen plumbing needs repair, replacement or even a few upgrades, give PDM Since 1885 a call and let our experts go to work for you.

Plumber Working Under Kitchen Sink Fixing Leaking Water, Broken Kitchen Drain

What's Wrong With My Kitchen?

In our over 130 years in business, we've seen it all when it comes to kitchen plumbing issues. Here are a few of the ones we've encountered most often:

  • Low Water Pressure - Can't get tonight's dinner rinsed off your plate because your kitchen sink faucet is only offering a trickle of water? We love challenges and will work to power it right back up.
  • Dishwasher Leaks - You get everything in the dishwasher, set it running and go out for the night - only to come home to a minor flood in your kitchen. We'll find the leak and seal it up.
  • Clogged Drains - If your kitchen sink is backing up when it should be draining freely, a sharp PDM Plumber can isolate the problem and get it cleared. Drain Cleaning Tips.
  • Garbage Disposal - A garbage disposal is a wonderful convenience, but contrary to popular belief it's not meant to chew up everything. If yours bites off more than it can chew we can get it up and running again. What Not To Put Down Drains.
  • Grease trap - commercial kitchen grease trap repair, cleaning, installation.
  • Kitchen faucet - Expert in repairing leaks to an uplifting remodel - a new kitchen faucet replacement.

If you're experiencing these issues or anything else going wrong in your kitchen, give us a call at 815-390-7095 so we can help!

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PDM - All The Natural Ingredients For Excellent Service Since 1885

PDM is a family-owned and community-oriented company that has been a part of Joliet and the surrounding area for over a century. All of our technicians are highly-trained, courteous and more than capable of handling any kitchen plumbing job you throw at them. You can be sure we'll do the job right the first time, stand behind our work and leave your home even better than we found it.

Cooking Up Solutions To Your Kitchen Plumbing Woes

Before a small leak turns into a damaging deluge, get the professionals at PDM on the line. Whatever needs repair or replacement in your kitchen, you can trust it'll be done with exacting precision, impeccable skill and familiar care. Use our online contact form or call us at 815-390-7095 today!

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