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Unpredictable weather with electrical storms, tornadoes, flooding and ice storms can leave you with more than just darkness for hours or days. You lose the fridge, television, outlets, security, heating, cooling, even your phones can't be charged until the power comes back. A standby generator changes everything.

It might be a long time before the power company fixes the problem and restores your electricity. Our team of experts can install a reliable natural gas standby generator to keep you covered with instant, automatic power 24/7.

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What does a standby generator run on?

A standby generator has an engine and requires fuel to run effectively and efficiently. Additionally, the coolant levels and oil levels should be regularly checked to ensure that they are at the proper level. Ensuring that the system is maintained properly allows for your standby generator to power your home when the main power source is lost. To get a standby generator for your home, contact us today.  

How long does a standby generator last?

A standby generator typically lasts around 20-30 years. However, some things that affect the  overall lifespan of your standby generator include:

  • The size and model of generator you have 
  • How frequent your power outages are 
  • How long your power outages are

Another thing that will determine how long your standby generator will last is whether you regularly maintain it. Maintaining your generator ensures that it works when it needs to and that it lasts longer. Contact us today to get a standby generator for your home. 

How much does it cost to have a standby generator installed near Joliet IL?

It costs around $1,500-$8,000 to have a standby generator installed in Joilet, IL. Although some things that can impact the overall cost are the model and the size of the generator you want installed. Getting a standby generator is very useful in areas that experience frequent and long power outages. To learn more about getting a standby generator installed in your home, contact us today.    

Portable vs Standby Generators

The biggest downside to portable generators is that they are labor intensive. Who wants to be fumbling around pouring gasoline into a generator while they stand outside to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning?

Natural gas standby generators also offer advantages such as:

  • Automatic operation, even when you are away from your home.
  • Quieter operation.
  • Longer lifespan.
  • Providing extra value to your home should you sell it.
  • Generator size. Want a few lights on plus powering your refrigerator and freezer? You can get by with a small generator, say in the 5-10kW range. Furnaces and air conditioning require more power — for a medium-size home a 20-22kW range can work.

Standby natural gas generators are permanently installed and require approved city permits before installation. They cannot be purchased and installed on the same day.

In-home estimates are required to provide an accurate price. Size of the generator, correct placement for zoning approval and distance from your gas meter and electrical panel affect the price. Call the oldest expert for a free estimate.

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