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Don't Shiver! 139 Years of Heating Repair Service Expertise 

PDM Heating offers you a proven boiler and furnace repair track record. We're not just technicians – we're your comfort champions with old-fashioned service values fueled by integrity, generosity, and a genuine care for your safety and comfort. Please give us a call and see if we'll be a good partner.

Learn why your furnace is making noises.

Annual VIP Heating Service Plan - It’s a fact: maintenance reduces HVAC repair expenses and can lower utility bills.

Breathe Easy: Why PDM is the Key to Reliable Heating System Repair

  • Proven 139 Year Track Record: We've kept countless homes and businesses warm through 13 decades, boasting a stellar reputation backed by over 1,300 positive social reviews.
  • Honest and Upfront: We believe in transparency and open communication. We'll diagnose your heater repair service problem accurately, explain what needs fixing, what can wait, and offer affordable options before starting any work.
  • No Surprises: Receive clear pricing upfront so you can rest assured there'll be no unexpected bills at the end.
  • Happiness Guarantee: We take pride in our expertise and stand behind our work with a one-year happiness guarantee, not 30 days like many others.
  • Safety First: Your safety is our top priority. We follow all safety protocols and keep the job site neat, with cleanup always included. Licensed and fully insured. BBB A+ Rating
  • Fast and Reliable Furnace Repair Service: We understand the urgency of a cold home or business. We'll be there quickly and efficiently, getting your heat back on in no time.
  • 2023 Herald News Readers' Choice Award - One of the best plumbing, heating and cooling companies in Will County.


We Care, You Relax:

At PDM Heating, we're more than just your furnace repair crew. We're your partners in comfort. We care about your peace of mind, and your satisfaction. Let us show you how our fast, neat service and old-fashioned values can warm your heart.

Don't shiver another day! Contact PDM Heating Since 1885 today and experience the difference of true neighborly service. We're here to keep your thermostat happy and you toasty all winter long. Call 815-726-6264 for fast heating repair service help.

Friendly, Informative & Helpful

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Eduardo V. Joliet, IL

"Boiler Service 5 Star. On a cool February day, Chris, the service man from PDM, showed up very early in the morning and in 1½ hours my boiler heating system was fixed. My boiler had not been running for two nights in a row. I had made a the mistake of called a heating and cooling guy that did not know what he was doing and wasted a whole day. The only thing this first heating and cooling guy did well was to tell me as he was leaving with his tail between his legs was that I should call PDM Plumbing, Heating and Cooling. I am very grateful to PDM for their help. I will gladly use them again. 5 Star!"


Cathleen H. Plainfield, IL

"Friendly, informative & helpful. With winter {furnace} cleaning they found a problem with a noisy motor. I decided to replace {the furnace} rather than wait. Very accommodating and thorough with work checking all aspects of furnace. Helpful suggestions for the air filter supply."


Heating repair

Heating FAQ

Why does my furnace turn on and off quickly?

It could be one of a few reasons. First, you may have an electrical fault in the overheating protection system. Also, your thermostat might be damaged or malfunctioning. A number of factors might be causing your thermostat to malfunction. The wiring might be outdated and in need of replacement, the batteries could be dead or it could be the location of your thermostat.

Why is there not enough heat coming from my register?

First, check your air filter. A dirty furnace air filter can reduce airflow 60%, plus it can increase utility bills and cause costly breakdowns.

Also, a couch, bed, dresser or other big object blocking a vent prevents air from adequately flowing through your system. In many situations, this causes the heat to build up since there is nowhere for it to go. When this happens, your furnace begins to overheat and may eventually shut down.

Why is my furnace blowing cold air?

You may have an incorrect thermostat setting. Check that your thermostat fan switch is on AUTO and your furnace blower motor should start cycling on and off as temperature setting demands. Check that the HEAT setting is on, not COOL or OFF.

Your furnace may also be overheated. When your furnace overheats it goes from blowing cold air to triggering the limit switch. This switch is a safety feature designed to turn off the burners when your furnace starts to overheat. 

Your pilot light is out. If it won't light or stay lit there may be a problem with the gas supply or the thermocouple. The thermocouple is a sensor that controls the gas valve and ignition. Clean, adjust or replace it.

You may have a faulty gas valve. Or, if your system has not had annual maintenance, a valve could be stuck due to dirt, grime and debris.

You may also have a dirty gas burner. Without regular maintenance the furnace gas burner accumulates dust and other gunk that will eventually cause a fuel system failure.

It could be a faulty electronic ignition. Your system may need adjustments or replacement of failed parts. 

A weak flame sensor could also be to blame. If your furnace starts blowing warm but then turns cold, the flame sensor may need attention. A dirty or faulty flame sensor can cause the burner to keep shutting off.

Is Your Furnace Sleeping Itself To Sleep.

PDM can diagnose heating repair problems quickly, figure out the most effective boiler or furnace repair, and to make sure we get rid of the problem completely. A trusted local heating installer will go over your furnace, boiler, rooftop HVAC, ductless or unit heater repair options and prices.

We promise to figure out what's wrong, fix the faulty system without hidden fees or surprise heating repairs and guarantee the repair. You'll know everything we plan to do and how much your furnace repair will cost up front.


Furnace Repair Needed If

  • If you smell a persistent odor emanating from your air ducts.
  • If you see the pilot light is a color other than blue.
  • If you feel chilly after setting the thermostat.
  • If you hear loud, persistent sounds from your unit.
  • If you taste something in the air, call your neighbors at PDM for help and we'll bring an extra tasting spoon.

No heat at all? Your neighbor can help.

Choose a quality heating & cooling company for solid maintenance plans and heating repair. PDM serves greater Joliet, Plainfield, Lockport, New Lenox, Homer Glen area.

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We didn’t gain 139 years of heating repair experience overnight. But you can. Get honest advice from a partner who cares. PDM has been the go-to HVAC company in the Joliet SW Chicago suburbs. If you need boiler or furnace repair, contact PDM Heating online or call 815-726-6264 today!

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