Why Is My Furnace Making Noises?

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Why Is My Furnace Making Noises?  

Finding the cause of a furnace noises can be challenging. Some problems you can fix, but some problems need an expert. If the furnace is not sounding right, it’s best to call a trusted heating company to inspect your HVAC system for safe operation. Here are some common furnace noises.

Furnace Making Squealing Noises.

A brief squeal at startup is fine. Continual screeching may be a failing compressor or malfunctioning blower motor, a loose fan belt or motor bearings in need of lubrication.

Furnace Making Whistling Noises.

High pitched whistling sound may be a duct air leak. Find source of sound and repair with special tape. If the noise just started, your air filter may be clogged. Pull out the furnace air filter and see if the whistling stops.

If the air filter is filthy, keep the filter out until it is replaced. A dirty filter can block up to 60% of the air flow. This may help with the noise and the condition of your furnace. When your air filter is dirty, your furnace must work harder to compensate for the increased blockage of airflow. Not only does this increase your utility bills, but it also results in your furnace system overheating or shutting off too quickly.

Furnace Making Rattling and Vibration Noises.

If your furnace is rattling or vibrating then we have some simple solutions for you. Here is what you can do to stop the rattling:

  1. Add screws to any loose ducts
  2. Duct tape loose ducts or other equipment
  3. Place rubber or cork pads under the furnace (Use a pry bar to lift the furnace so you can slide something under it)

Furnace Motor Noise.

If sounds come from the motor, it may be caused by some bouncing or possibly the bearings are out. 

Metal Scraping Furnace Noise.

This noise will sound like metal parts rubbing together, or nails scratching a chalkboard. May be a loose or broken blower wheel, or broken motor mount. Turn off your furnace and call PDM for help.  

Furnace Banging When Turning On.

Two possibilities: It could be “oil-canning” or an “ignition roll-out.” Oil-canning is when the duct work is flexing when the pressure changes. Need to find weak duct area and reinforce the area. Ignition roll-out is a small “explosion.” It’s caused by a tiny explosion when you start the furnace. This can be a dangerous problem. Call PDM. We are licensed to service your furnace. Newer furnaces will shut down if this is the problem.

Furnace Making Humming Noises.

Chances are it’s an electrical fault. May be the result of a bad interior fan, failing capacitor, or bad motor. Your transformer may be on its last leg. Some furnace noise is normal but a loud, funny furnace noise may say, call a professional for help.

Prevent Furnace Breakdown.

PDM will maintain your heating equipment the right way, not the easy way! PDM will test your HVAC equipment top-to-bottom to learn what needs fixing, what needs maintaining & what can wait.

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