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Indoor Air Quality Solutions For Your SW Chicago Home & Business

It's smart to consider indoor air quality given we take about 22,000 breathes a day. Especially when we experienced extreme air quality conditions like last year's Canadian wildfire smoke. How much pollution went indoors?

By and large, HVAC filters are built to protect your equipment, not your lungs. You can't rely on them to improve your respiratory health. Call PDM for free advice at 815-390-7095

3 Ways For Safer Indoor Air Quality


First, begin by optimizing your heating and air conditioning system.

Your HVAC system moves air in your home and business. Professionally inspect your equipment and ductwork. Test the components, and replace any worn or faulty parts to prevent breakdowns.

You want to make sure those systems are distributing air properly, controlling humidity, and provide appropriate airflow and ventilation. Those things are essential for getting rid of airborne contaminants.

TIP: Getting a service agreement ensures you get the best price for maintenance and priority service when you need it. Learn more.


Second, get an air purifier.

Quality air filter only goes so far. HVAC air purifiers use a range of technologies, including UV light, ions and natural oxidizers to destroy and deactivate harmful airborne particles.

A whole-home indoor air purifier installed in your HVAC system has the capacity to do the job. From preventing sore throats and asthma attacks all the way up to reducing your risk for cardiovascular disease and cancer, it's impossible to stress how beneficial an air purifier can be to you and yours.

Most homes air passes through your HVAC system up to 10 times per hour.


Third, change your furnace air filter.

Filters help prevent dust and pollutants from getting into the equipment and your ductwork. Especially when air quality conditions are bad like last summer. Clogged air filters stress your HVAC system, increase utility bills and can shut down your system.


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A Powerful Force For A Healthier Life

For over 100 years, PDM has been working to improve the lives and comfort of our neighbors in Joliet, IL and surrounding areas. Here are a few air purifier benefits:

  • Relieve Asthma - Approximately one in 12 people have asthma. Pollutants in the air can cause extra inflammation in their airways, leading to difficulty breathing. Air purifiers can screen and filter these pollutants out of the air.
  • Remove Harmful Chemicals - From outside air pollution making its way indoors to chemicals we use every day for cleaning and other jobs, you don't want to breathe any of them in if you can help it.
  • Zap Odors - Got a strange smell coming from somewhere in your home? It could be from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pet odors, even food. An indoor air purifier can neutralize those odors and give you clean-smelling air.
  • Better Sleep - If you're able to breathe easy at night, you'll automatically sleep better. By getting these lung-irritating pollutants out of your air, you can enjoy a peaceful night's sleep.

Would you believe an air purifier can even help you live longer? Just think, by removing these pollutants and keeping them out of your lungs, you'll be healthier and happier, for longer. Let the experts at PDM set you on the path to better well-being. Call us at 815-390-7095 .

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Every Breath You Take, We'll Be Watching (Out) For You

If you're ready to give your family next-level protection against airborne threats, it's time to put PDM on the job to  create a more comfortable and healthier environment . Message us online or give us a call at 815-390-7095 today!

Do air purifiers really make a difference?

The appropriate air purifier may significantly reduce pollutants in the air, as well as dangerous airborne compounds such as benzene or formaldehyde.

An air purifier that captures or destroys particle pollutants, such as a HEPA filter or a purifier that employs PECO technology, can remove dust from the air in addition to removing particles and VOCs. Your HVAC consultant can help you choose an air purifier that will have a noticeable impact on the air quality in your house as part of a multi-step strategy to air quality that includes source management and proper ventilation.

How much does a whole house air purifier cost?

Whole home air purifiers range in cost from $493 to $3,884. An air cleaner is installed by inserting a device between a home's return air duct and the intake so that air flows through the air cleaner unit, which subsequently eliminates hazardous particles. Air purifiers that are connected to an air handler generally give cleaner air distribution than stand-alone devices. They also leave central heating and cooling systems clean and functioning smoothly. They may also filter outside air before it reaches an inhabited area. Finally, these devices are quieter, need less maintenance and are more cost efficient for bigger applications. If you’re having issues with poor air quality, contact a licensed HVAC professional for an air quality consultation ASAP.

Can a HEPA air filter stop viruses?

Air cleaners and HEPA filters, when used appropriately, can help decrease airborne pollutants such as viruses in a building or small area. However, air cleaning or filtration alone will not protect humans against COVID-19. Filtration can be part of a plan to decrease the possibility for COVID-19 airborne transmission indoors when used in conjunction with other best practices suggested by the CDC and other public health organizations, such as social distance and mask wearing.

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