Commercial HVAC Maintenance Helps You Spend Less On HVAC Repairs

Rooftop Commercial Hvac Maintenance

Lower HVAC Energy Bills 5-20%

The fact is, you can lower operating costs on your heating & cooling repairs with regular residential and commercial HVAC maintenance. HVAC maintenance is your best return on investment while reducing your HVAC repair expenses. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that organizations can save 5-20% annually on energy bills.

Learn how regular maintenance prevents the most common causes of HVAC breakdowns.


Prevent Emergency Breakdowns & Reduce Home & Commercial HVAC Repair Bills.

Dirt, dust and neglect are the #1 cause of wasted energy and equipment breakdowns. Here are common causes of heating and air conditioning repairs, and how commercial HVAC maintenance prevents those breakdowns from happening.


Electrical Faults

Electrical components are sensitive and cause recurring problems if they fail. During your HVAC preventative maintenance visit, we inspect connections and test components. This can prevent commercial HVAC repair problems, such as a failing capacitor causing a loss of power.

Capacitors regulate the flow of electricity, so if a capacitor fails, the whole system will go with it. Dust collecting on a fuse can also block the flow of power and cause a system failure.


Motor Failures

HVAC motors power fans, including one that blows air over the condenser coil and another that blows air over the evaporator coil. A broken motor part can take down your system and require an expensive commercial HVAC repair.

Our commercial HVAC maintenance plan inspects motors, lubricates moving parts, and replaces worn out belts and pulleys to keep motors and fans in good working order.


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Ignition, Fuel And Combustion Removal System Problems

Your furnace’s ignition system, including pilot light, igniter, all need regular maintenance to prevent costly downtime and repairs. Your gas valve is made up of two valves: the safety valve, which supplies gas to the pilot light, and the main valve, which supplies gas to the burner trays. Maintenance inspects ignition system, combustion removal system and gas burners that get dirty over time. We clean and test to help avoid emergency breakdowns.


Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant is not like gas in a car; you shouldn’t use it up or run out. The HVAC coil is a closed system, and the unit should always have the same amount of refrigerant it was installed with. However, if the coil develops cracks or small holes, the refrigerant leaks and you’ll be looking at an expensive commercial HVAC repair.

Regular commercial HVAC maintenance can save you the unwanted trouble. When dust and grime builds up on the coils, they can corrode. This can lead to the coils developing cracks or holes which leak refrigerant. If the coils are not regularly cleaned, contaminants can build up and damage these delicate parts. Commercial HVAC repair techs know the right way to clean them during maintenance checks.


Water Leaks

An AC unit functions by drawing water out of the air via the evaporator coil. During normal operation, condensate runs down the coil and drain line and is collected in a drain pan. If you see water collecting on the floor near your unit, you can have another commercial HVAC repair problem.

As water runs down the coils, it can collect dust and bring grime into the drain pan. If the drain line or pan becomes dirty and clogged, water won’t be able to drain properly and can overflow. If your unit is in the basement of your building, you may also have a condensate pump to pump the collected water out, which is another part that can malfunction.

A regular commercial HVAC maintenance inspection can prevent a repair for this problem. An HVAC tech will clean the drain lines and pan, check for any leaks, and check the condensate pump.


Frozen Coils

If you notice frost or ice on your indoor air conditioning unit, that’s a problem that’s going to require a visit from a commercial HVAC repair company.

Coils can freeze when a motor breaks down or runs too slowly, when the system develops a refrigerant leak, or due to air flow problems from dirty air filters. Regular HVAC maintenance tasks include keeping motors and coils in good working order, cleaning air filters and fans, and fixing broken fan blades, which prevent air flow problems that can lead to frozen coils.


Control Problems

If your HVAC system isn’t reaching the set temperature, the problem may actually be with your thermostat.

When your system is maintained by a commercial HVAC repair tech, they can diagnose control issues and recalibrate your thermostats. If you have a commercial control system or a smart thermostat, maintenance can help you use these efficiently as well.


Think Of It Like An Oil Change For Your HVAC System


Would you drive your car without an oil change? Running an HVAC system for years without maintenance is costly.

With all the potential problems it can prevent, getting regularly scheduled commercial HVAC maintenance just makes sense. Needing commercial heating and cooling repair is expensive and HVAC downtime can hurt your business as well. Even if you are budgeting for these emergencies, you may be spending more than you need to.

Get a quote for preventative maintenance and see if it can save you money and headaches.


Hvac Maintenance Benefits


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