HVAC Maintenance Plans

#1 Cause Of Furnace Breakdown & Higher Utility Bill Is Dirt & Neglect. Save With A PDM Heating & Cooling Maintenance Plan.

We wish it wasn't the case, but the fact is unmistakable - there is nothing cheap about your home's heating, air conditioning and plumbing systems. They are a big investment, and as such it's easy to understand why you'd want them to work for a long, long time. However, like any piece of equipment, just installing them correctly isn't enough. They have to be taken care of, too - and that means regular, thorough, professional maintenance.

Our number one goal is your comfort, guaranteed. That's why PDM is happy to offer scheduled maintenance memberships that ensure your equipment gets the regular TLC it needs to function safely and efficiently today and well into the future. We're bringing over 130 years of experience on HVAC and plumbing equipment of all stripes. You can trust your system will remain in great shape. Plus, it's so affordable it practically pays for itself! Give us a call at 815-726-6264 to get started! Serving Joliet SW Chicago suburbs.

Home Comfort Protection - $198

Extra Care Planned Maintenance Service Can Pay For Itself

  • Seasonal Heating and Cooling Precision Tune-up Save 25% - Two yearly tune-ups done the right way, not the cheap, easy way. Keep your HVAC working safely. lower utility bills, extend equipment life, and keep warranty active.
  • Discounted Trip Charge Save 25% - Normally $79. Now $59.
  • Discounted Repair 5% - Receive discounts on unexpected breakdowns resulting in diagnostic, parts and labor savings.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee - Cancel your plan at any time and have the unused portion refunded to you.
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You want expert attention. You want highly-trained technicians. You want everything working in tip-top condition. You want a company that you know will always do the right thing, even when no one is watching. For all of that - you need PDM. Our maintenance plans are backed by our decades of experience, our top-flight personnel and our commitment to your satisfaction. Ensure your system's well-being today and into the future. Sign up for a maintenance plan today! Message us online or give us a call at 815-726-6264 to get started.

What are the benefits of an HVAC maintenance plan?

Here are 8 benefits of a PDM Family Maintenance Plan

  1. SEASONAL MAINTENANCE: Cleaning and resetting your HVAC system to factory specs will improve efficiency, extend equipment life and help avoid emergency breakdown. 
  2. FRONT OF THE LINE PASS: You get to "cut in line" ahead of non-members - even at the busiest times, for any plumbing, drain work, heating, or cooling repair all year long.
  3. FREE REPAIR: Ultimate tune-up option with all service and parts included (Some exclusions apply). The technician will determine if the unit qualifies.
  4. DISCOUNTED TRIP CHARGE: Save $30 on a trip charge for any repair. Normally $79. Now $49.
  5. ANNUAL PLUMBING MAINTENANCE: Ensure safe, efficient equipment operation. Inspection includes exposed piping, main water shut-off valve, water heater, softener operation, sump pump test, drains, faucets, toilet flush test. Repairs are additional. 
  6. DISCOUNTED REPAIR PRICING: Save 5% on any plumbing, heating, or cooling repair.
  7. EQUIPMENT REPLACEMENT IRA: Receive $50 of your investment back for every consecutive year you remain in a maintenance agreement with us.  Up to $300 for a new furnace or AC. $50 credit towards new water heater, sump pump, IAQ or humidifier.
  8. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Cancel at any time for any reason with the unused portion refunded.
Why should I sign up for an HVAC maintenance plan?

HVAC maintenance plans work! 

Manufacturers know an HVAC system can degrade 3% per year causing the system to work harder to produce the same result. This is one reason why manufacturers can void the warranty if you fail to maintain the system.

The #1 reason for higher utility bills and breakdowns is neglect and dirt build-up on your HVAC system. Shine a light on dirty threats and catch potential system weaknesses with a regular precision tune-up.  A knowledgeable PDM tech will clean, adjust, calibrate and reset your HVAC system to factory specs. This will ensure that you improve comfort in your home, increase energy efficiency, and keep the manufacturer's warranty active.


It’s clear that a plumbing, heating, and cooling maintenance plan from a trusted professional is well worth the investment. Save time, money, and headaches. PDM has your back!

How much does an HVAC maintenance plan cost? The customer did not answer this *

HVAC maintenance costs between $70 and $100 on average. This is a one-time maintenance appointment with a set charge. The fee for a one-hour service might be as little as $50 or as much as $150 for yearly maintenance contracts.

Maintenance should be performed at least once a year, preferably after the summer. As a result, the expert will be able to fix any damage that the system may have sustained throughout the hot season.

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