Backflow Devices

Prevents Water Contamination, Sickness And Even Death

Backflow problems can be disastrous, which is why backflow devices are required in commercial settings. Your commercial business or home will suffer water damage that can then add to the rusting of the pipes, allowing corrosion to cause potential leaks and other problems down the line. 

A good way to protect your building from sewage backups is to have PDM install sewer backflow valves, which are designed to block drain pipes temporarily and prevent flow into your house or business.

Sewer backflow valves are available in a variety of designs that range from the simple to the complex. Contact PDM for free help.

So What is Backflow?

Think of backflow as an unwanted flow in the opposite direction you need - so if you want dirty water to flow away from your restaurant, in a backflow situation the dirty water could flow back in your supply contaminate your drinking water and cause you to have to shut down.

Essentially, any crossed connection in your water system could allow for backflow. A water cross connection is where a non-drinking water substance (sometimes deadly) has the ability to come in contact with drinking water. Water cross connections such as these can easily enable contaminants to enter the water lines through a process known as backflow. 

When the pressure in a tank or trough dips below the water system’s pressure, this could pull contaminated water into your system. In some cases, your dirty water could contaminate the public drinking water leading to potential liability. 

As we know, Reduced Pressure Zone water backflow devices and valves are required in all commercial businesses. Individuals can purchase them as well to avoid potential liability (and a great mess!) for a backflow issue. These devices then need to be inspected every year to ensure they are in top working condition: 

Why Joliet and SW Chicago Love PDM

PDM is a trusted, experienced and state certified backflow specialist with technical  experience you can always count on and backflow prevention skill  that makes us Joliet and SW Chicago’s- top choice for backflow devices. . Once you realize you can totally rest easy (something we know business owners rarely get!) you’ll be able to rest easy with the knowledge that PDM has your back. 

What PDM Will Do For Your Business

Our PDM Team can install, test and manage your RPZ controls while you focus on running a business. We provide comprehensive project management services so you don’t have to worry about a backflow project. Plus,  we offer small to large RPZ cross connection service and savings.. 

We also provide:

  • Line Location Services
  • Piping Identification
  • Water Balancing Studies
  • Water Analysis Services

A Certified PDM Technician Is Nearby.

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Call PDM Since 1885 for a free estimate. We offer custom designed RPZ water backflow cross connection systems to protect your water and meet State codes. Hospitals, medical centers, laboratories, commercial, and residential experience. Learn how we can prevent sewage from backing up in your building.

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