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Commercial Water Backflow Test Prevents Contamination, Sickness, Even Death.

We pay attention to details and take care of your cross connection devices like our own. Certified reduced pressure zone (RPZ) water backflow preventer test spots water pressure problems quickly. Please call PDM to see if we are a good fit for your water safety needs ... or not. Free estimate.


Certified Commercial Backflow Testing Services, Repair And Install.

PDM's Water Backflow Testing Team can maintain, repair, install, test and manage your water backflow RPZ controls while you focus on running a business.

We provide comprehensive RPZ project management services so you don’t have to worry about an annual water backflow assembly testing or filing paperwork. Plus, we offer small to large RPZ cross connection service and savings. From medical centers to commercial to homes.

Stay safe:

Water Backflow Preventer

An Instant Connection To Danger

Reduced pressure zone (RPZ) assemblies are used to keep contamination or pollution out of your water. Think of water back flow as an unwanted flow in the opposite direction you need. In a backflow situation the "dirty water" could flow back inside and contaminate your drinking water.

Your backflow preventer could be in perfect working order, but if your neighbor's backflow preventer fails, they could be letting fertilizer, soap, stagnant water, and much more into your public water supply. Order a certified backflow preventer test every year. It's law and a type of insurance.

What Is Water Backflow?

Essentially, any crossed connection in your water system could allow for back flow. A water cross connection is where a non-drinking water substance (sometimes deadly) has the ability to come in contact with drinking water.

Backflow preventer test checks your Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) assemblies by assessing its pressure levels. When the pressure in a tank or trough dips below the water system’s pressure, this could pull contaminated water into your drinking or bathing water. Your "dirty water" could contaminate the public drinking water, leading to potential liability. For this reason, testing guarantees the water you use is safe and sterile.

Water pressure is a real beast to control. Usually main water piping has a RPZ, fire sprinkler system RPZ, and landscape watering RPZ. All require a state certified inspection every year to ensure they are working safely. Each town has its own safety code. PDM experts will report test results and file city paperwork.

When was the backflow preventer invented? Beginning in 1930, rudimentary pressure vacuum breakers were being designed and developed in the Los Angeles area. Double check assemblies followed shortly thereafter. In the 1950s, the design of the double check became more of what we see today. It was the main backflow assembly being used until the develop of the RPZ and high hazards were defined. Read more of the backflow preventer history.

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Commercial Backflow Inspection You Can Count On

A knowledgeable, kind-of-a-neat-freak plumber will clean, adjust, calibrate and reset the finer points to factory specs.

For over 138 years PDM has been a trusted neighbor you can count on. An experienced and state certified PDM water back flow testing specialist is a top choice for your annual water back flow test. Once you realize PDM has your back you can totally rest easy - something we know business owners rarely get! Serving Joliet SW Chicago Suburbs.


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For reduced pressure zone (RPZ), cross connection devices or water back flow preventer device/valve testing call the area’s oldest plumber for certified service. Send us a message online or call today!

Free water RPZ water backflow preventer estimate. We offer custom designed RPZ water back flow cross connection systems to protect your water and meet state codes. Hospitals, medical centers, laboratories, commercial and residential experience. Learn how we can prevent sewage from backing up in your building.



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