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Are Clogged Drains Spitting And Tossing Behind Your Back?

PDM drain cleaning experts love challenges ... from foul odors or gurgling sounds, to tree roots or drain piping repair and video drain inspection!

Over the last 138 years we found common causes of sewer & drain cleaning service arise from non-flushable debris, grease deposits, tree roots, broken pipe, offset pipe, or where a pipe belly develops causing sewer to backup.


Sewer Gas Problem?

Clogged drain, sewer pipe crack or leak can cause sewer gas. Loose toilet. No water in a sink or floor drain, even blocked air vents. While sewer gas isn’t dangerous in small amounts, they can contribute to sewer gas toxicity at high levels. Call PDM to locate and repair sewer gas problem.


Trusted Drain Cleaning Solutions Since 1885.

  1. Friendly, neat and courteous team members will:
  2. Investigate and explain what we found, offer service options and pricing, then fix it the right way.
  3. Work safely and leave things even better than we found them.
  4. Never make excuses for our shortcomings or try to shift the blame to others.
  5. Commercial sewer-drain service


Mute The Clogged Drain!

Use a drain video camera to see the problem. We'll then remove the clog so you can get back to normal fast. PDM has a 138 year track record for reliable sewer and drain service in the greater Joliet area. You're in good hands. Call 815-726-6264 .

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PDM Drain Symptom Solver...

What not to put down the drain. One of the most common causes of clogged or back-up drains is the accumulation of non-flushable items, such as:

Ultimately the only thing that should get flushed into your plumbing is toilet paper, as it's designed to disintegrate. Even wipes labeled as "flushable" really aren't! But if you get past the point of prevention, we're here to help with honest drain cleaning advice.

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Like It Never Even Happened.

PDM is proud to be recognized for providing quick drain and sewer services. We have the knowledge and tools to get the job done right the first time.

  • Home - fast solutions in a way that maximizes the lifespan of your drain line.
  • Food & Hospitality Managers - cleanliness is imperative. PDM will respond the right way, be neat, and deliver service that enhances your customer’s experience.
  • Property & Facility Managers - We know the stresses you face trying to keep tenants and building owners happy.
  • School, Religious & Institution Specialist - Highly experienced in delicate situations.


Ensuring The Satisfaction Of Everyone We Serve.

PDM will get your drain flowing in the right direction, fast! Send us a message online or give us a call at 815-726-6264 today for top notch sewer & drain cleaning service and video drain camera.


What causes a clogged sewer drain line?

Putting things down the drain that should not go will clog a sewer drain line! Only toilet paper should go down the toilets.

How do you know if the sewer line is clogged?

You can tell if the sewer line is clogged a few different ways:

  • Backed up drains in your home.
  • Drainage in sewer clean out pipe.
  • Water backs up in shower when toilet flushes.

If you think you have a sewer line clog, we can help. Contact PDM Plumbing today for professional services guaranteed to get your home back up and running soon!

How to clean out a main sewer line clog?

There are two ways a plumber will decide to clean out a main sewer line clog:

  • Snake - The most common way to unclog a drain, a snake uses different rotating attachment heads to loosen and remove obstructions in the line.
  • Hydro-Jetting - This method uses high-pressured water to completely clear out a line.
What is a drain or main drain house clean-out?

A main drain house clean-out is a pipe that is located outside of the home. They appear to be a capped pipe sticking up out of the ground about 4 - 6 inches. The clean-outs provide access to your main sewer line and will be accessed if your line is clogged. To learn more or to schedule a plumbing service, contact the experts at PDM today!

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Drain Cleaning Review

"Excellent emergency service. Mike did a good job rodding out our sewer line of tree roots." 

-- John K.


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