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We’re in the business of repairing and replacing comfort systems, but the better way to make a living is to treat people right and give good advice in their best interests. This inside scoop on heating maintenance could save you some really big money and some trouble.

Neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases according to Energy.gov. The most common reason a furnace needs to be replaced or breaks down is dirt! It’s not age or brand or lightning.

The truth is your furnace is a dirt collector. During non-heating seasons your furnace forms rust, fittings get loose, dirt compromises how well your furnace operates. Utility bills inch up and comfort goes down. 

It’s a simple choice. Pay a smaller amount for annual heating maintenance or pay thousands for a new furnace because your old one failed prematurely.

On average, furnaces should kick on and turn off anywhere from three to eight times per hour. That means your furnace can start nearly 200 times in 24 hours. Plus your furnace "runs" in the summer too with air conditioning. Even if no noticeable warnings, there can be small electrical stresses that grow and become worse performing with time. This can easily raise utility bills and repair costs. And if your gas furnace is faulty it can produce a dangerous, odorless, colorless gas called carbon monoxide (CO). A CO test and a high quality PDM heating tune-up can spot danger signs.

What happens when you order service?

  1. We’ll send a qualified, well trained tech to your place. We tend to be thorough and kinda of a neat freak.
  2. We’ll reset your furnace to factory specs. Most furnace systems can get out of adjustment during peak season. That’s normal. A good technician can adjust, calibrate and reset the finer points to squeeze every ounce of comfort and efficiency out of your furnace.
  3. A good furnace tune-up can save you energy, hassle and unnecessary breakdowns.

Give us a call at 815-726-6264 or send an email to schedule a heating safety inspection. We’d be happy to help you or your friends anytime.

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At PDM Plumbing Heating & Cooling, we know how important having a safe, functional furnace or boiler is. A caring professional your can trust is even more valuable. Your call is not just another job for us. The most important thing to us is your satisfaction with our work.

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