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Guaranteed Air Conditioning Repair Joliet SW Chicago Suburbs

Got hot air? Let a trusted local air conditioning repair contractor get your cool air flowing again. We'll keep you safe from heat-related stressors with 100% guaranteed service. PDM is known in Will County for keeping our word, expert technicians, and friendly customer care.

No matter what the problem with your air conditioning unit is, you can count on PDM to properly diagnose the cause, select the right method of fixing it and make sure your A/C is back up and running, guaranteed. We service all air conditioning brands.

Call The Good Folks at PDM Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Since 1885 for honest HVAC repair service. (815) 726-6264. Our polite and neat professional technicians are regularly seen in communities and neighborhoods around Joliet, Channahon, Shorewood, Plainfield, Bolingbrook, Homer Glen, Lockport, New Lenox, Frankfort areas.

Ask about our A/C Safety Inspection and Energy-Boosting Tune-Up. A/C manufacturers recommend annual system maintenance for hassle-free peak performance. A perfect compliment to an A/C repair.


Home or Business Air Conditioning FAQ.

  • A/C blowing warm air? Check your thermostat operation. Air filter clean? Clogged drain line near your furnace? If that doesn’t work, please contact us and one of our PDM Technicians will come out and diagnose and repair your Air Conditioner.
  • No cool air? A/C power on? Check breaker panel as furnace is running but outdoor condenser A/C not working? Check thermostat operation. Try turning the thermostat OFF for 1-2 hours to see if your Air Conditioner unit will reset itself automatically. A/C won’t cool on a hot day, but works on cooler days can mean low refrigerant. Need help? Call PDM.
  • A/C running constantly? A/C is trying to reach the desired thermostat temperature. Check the temperature setting. Reset programmable thermostat temperatures. A PDM technician can come out and diagnose and repair your Air Conditioner.
  • Drain pan is overflowing? - Overflow switch may be faulty. Turn off A/C. Contact us and we will have one our certified technicians come to your home and diagnose and if needed repair your system.
  • A/C making loud noise? Can be damaged air ducts, clogged air filter, fan problems, coil damage, loose parts, motor bearings and belts, even electrical issues. Contact PDM for technical help today.
  • No air flow? Air conditioning freezing up? Check air filter. Dirty coil? Freezing up generally has to do with blocked or low air flow, over-use, broken parts or refrigerant problems. Turn off A/C, you can run the fan to help de-thaw the system. Please contact us to schedule an appointment to repair your AC unit if the problem persists.


"Always on time. Friendly. Do good work." - Karen H.

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Our AC Repair Commitment to You

At PDM Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we are committed to doing the best job possible. We won't cut corners when it comes to your comfort and safety.

Friendship starts by treating you right. Give us a chance, and you’ll see for yourself. We'd love to hear from you. Call for guaranteed AC repair services today from the oldest air conditioning contractor.


Looking for allergy relief or other health concerns?

Learn about 7 Air Purification ideas. We'll filter out harmful debris from the air that can worsen asthma and allergies, and make you sick from bacteria and virus.


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We're NEAT:
  • Neighborly—We’re always kind and pleasant.
  • Environmentally friendly and use sustainable materials.
  • Always respectful and clean up our messes.
  • Trusted all across the Joliet SW Chicago area for expert home and commercial AC services.

“I called up PDM for an estimate. Rudy came out, was on time, and professional. Instead of selling me something I didn’t need, he gave me good advice. He did it even though it meant me not purchasing from him. Not many people would sacrifice the sale for the sake of honesty. Thank you again Rudy!” — Dale U.



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