Why Get An AC Tune-Up

Outside Ac Condenser

A Dirty Secret…

The No. 1 reason your air conditioning system fails is not age, or brand, or even storm damage… it is Dirt. That’s right; your HVAC unit’s biggest threat is dirt and neglect. Regular AC tune-up maintenance keeps your air conditioner running longer and efficiently.

When your air conditioning system is not in use, there is nothing to prevent dirt, cobwebs, rust from building up, electrical connections loosen and weaken from thousands of starts. Then when you turn your AC unit on, you expect it to keep you cool all summer long. 


7 Reasons to Revitalizing Your AC 

  1. Bring quicker, stronger, even cooler air flow.
  2. Help prevent future breakdown.
  3. Lower utility bills.
  4. Prolongs life of HVAC system.
  5. Improve indoor air quality, comfort and safe operation.
  6. Required as part of manufacturer warranties.
  7. Prevents water damage, electrical damage, fires, and health issues


How to Get Rid of Dirt

First thing you can do is clean your outdoor AC unit by cutting weeds or bushes. Spray the unit with a garden hose to help remove dirt. Your AC condenser needs to have air flow to operate.

The next best thing to do is to have a trained, licensed PDM professional rejuvenate your AC tune-up.

Not only will an AC tune-up remove dirt from your system, both inside and outside, but it will also help reduce other airborne viruses and allergens that circulate through your vents and into your home.

Our AC clean and check hunts for small electrical faults and weakening parts that wastes energy and will wear out. We’ll keep your ac unit in top operating condition and perform important AC safety inspections. We won’t cut corners like cheap AC check-ups can.



Schedule An AC Safety Inspection & Tune-up 

Revitalize Your AC System With Six Critical Adjustments.

  1. Electrical System Problems – test for loose connections and weak components that lead to breakdown and unsafe conditions.
  2. Exterior Condenser Coil – when clean improves efficiency and cooling performance.
  3. Interior Evaporator Coil – clean grime and dirt to improve efficiency.
  4. Condensate Drainage System Inspection – avoid odors, standing water, water damage, ac unit not cooling, even shuts down.
  5. Air Movement System – poor airflow creates hotter or colder rooms and wastes energy. Air quality weakens. Clogged, dirty air filtration can restrict airflow by 65%, even overheat cooling unit.
  6. Test Refrigerant System – AC runs longer and shortens life with low refrigerant.

Now that you know our industry’s dirty little secret and how to correct it, click to schedule your AC tune-up. You can extend your system’s life – and cut your energy costs. It’s a win-win.

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