Whole Home Humidifiers

Eliminate Dry Air & Lower Heating Bills in the Joliet area

Dry winter air acts like a sponge, soaking up moisture wherever it finds it — and causing dry skin, eyes and sinuses, and sore, scratchy throats that make breathing uncomfortable. Your home furnishings, pets and plants also are affected by dry air. If you are ready for a comfort upgrade, call PDM to replace or install a whole house humidifier and get that healthy amount of moisture back into your home’s air. 

Protect your family with our healthy air system working to reduce risk of allergies and airborne infectious disease, including COVID-19. Learn about the latest air purifying system that inactivates 99% of the virus.

Pdm Pr Humidifier

The Benefits of Installing a Humidifier

  1. Improve Immune System - Your sinus is protected by paper thin and fragile mucous membranes. When dry, they crack, allowing flu, cold and other germs a direct channel into your bloodstream. Plus, dryness can cause a bloody nose. The best humidifier provides immune system protection.
  2. Lower Heating Bills - Moisture regulates body temperature. When perspiration evaporates, it absorbs heat from your skin. The dryer the air, the quicker your body cools. Then, when chilly, you turn up the furnace thermostat, drying the air even more. A whole home humidifier allows you to lower the temperature and save. Each degree lower you set the thermostat can save 4%.
  3. Preservation - A central humidifier helps prevent cracks and damage to wooden floors and furniture, pianos or other wood instruments, leather furniture and even walls.
  4. Effective virus protection - Keeping indoor humidity between 30-60% to minimizes virus survival rates.

PDM helps deliver healthy air

PDM has been your home comfort expert in the greater Joliet area since 1885. As a family owned company, we are big enough to serve you and small enough to prioritize honesty and integrity. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians look forward to repairing, maintaining or installing your whole house humidifier. Your health and comfort is our goal!

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