Furnace Humidifier Benefits

When you're at home or work, you want to be comfortable. It's a simple idea, but it can be a complex process. You want to have control over every aspect of your home's atmosphere - temperature, air quality and humidity. Having the proper humidity level in your house is key to healthier living, lower bills and an overall more enjoyable experience. PDM Heating is here to help you achieve it with a whole home furnace humidifier.

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Lower Your Heating Bills With A Whole Home Furnace Humidifier

Dry winter air makes you feel colder at normal temperatures leading you to turn up the thermostat. This will drive your heating bill higher than it needs to be. Air that captures more moisture can maintain more heat, so it feels warmer. Most furnace humidifiers can deliver anywhere between 12-18 gallons of water per day into the air. Humidifiers makes your home feel warmer, translating into savings of 1 to 3 percent for every one degree you lower the thermostat.

Whole house humidifiers are an easy way to stay healthy, add comfort and lower heating costs this winter. Ask the PDM Comfort Team for whole home humidifier options.

Humidifier Improves Your Immune System

A healthy body is a happy body. You walk taller. Breathe deeper. Have fresher breath. Make your body healthier with whole home humidifier service from PDM.

Naturally you feel dry air in the wettest parts of your body first. Your sinuses, throat, eyes and skin dry out, making you uncomfortable. Dry nostrils can crack and give you a nosebleed. Your body stays healthy at around 35% relative humidity. If the temperature outside hits 10 degrees, your home’s indoor relative humidity can be in the single digits thanks to warm, dry air from your furnace. We can help you fix that.

Scorched Sinuses, Itchy Skin

Did you know your sinus cavities are protected by paper thin and fragile mucous membranes? Mucous helps keep them pliable. When dry, they can crack, allowing disease-causing germs a direct channel into your bloodstream. This is a real problem in the winter, when bacteria and viruses live longer in dry air after a sneeze or cough. Mucous's job is to trap these invaders and help them drain down into your stomach where gastric acids kill the germs.

Your Body Is A Furnace, Too

Body temperature is controlled by secreting moisture from perspiration, which evaporates, absorbing heat from your skin. The dryer the air, the faster the evaporation and the quicker your body cools. Turning up the thermostat just dries the air even more, leading to a feedback loop that can make you feel even colder. A whole home humidifier keeps the moisture in the air at a stable level, so your furnace's work doesn't go to waste and your body doesn't have to overdo it. Combined with the latest air purifying system, a whole home humidifier can make your home an oasis of comforting, clean air.

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Benefits Of Installing Whole Home Furnace Humidifier

  1. Improve Immune System - Your sinus is protected by paper thin and fragile mucous membranes. When dry, they crack and allow infectious germs a direct path to your bloodstream. Dryness can also cause a bloody nose. Humidifiers help protect your immune system.
  2. Lower Heating Bills - Moisture regulates body temperature. When perspiration evaporates, it absorbs heat from your skin. The dryer the air, the quicker your body cools. When chilly, you turn up your furnace thermostat which dries the air even more. With a furnace humidifier you can lower the temperature, which will save on heating costs.
  3. Preservation - Humidifiers can help prevent cracks and damage to wooden floors, furniture and even walls.
  4. Virus Protection - Keeping indoor humidity between 30%-50% minimizes virus survival rates.

PDM - Delivering Healthy Air Since 1885

PDM has been your home comfort expert in the greater Joliet area since 1885. As a family owned company, we are big enough to serve you but small enough to prioritize honesty and integrity. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians look forward to bringing a whole home furnace humidifier into service for you! Send us a message online or give us a call at 815-726-6264 today!

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