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Servicing Air Conditioners In Joliet & SW Chicago Suburbs

Servicing air conditioners. Some low cost “AC Tune-Ups” are done poorly, and incompletely.  They just hose off the coils, dust off a filter and call it “tuned up”.

Most people don’t realize the value of regular AC maintenance. According to Payless Power, on average, 42% of homeowners tune up AC system that can extend AC life by 40%.


Old School Maintenance AC

Our AC maintenance work has made people comfortable for 138 years by avoiding emergency breakdowns. PDM won't cut corners with your AC tune up. Our revitalizing AC tune will help:

  • Bring quicker, stronger, even cooler air flow.
  • Use less energy, lower utility bill.
  • Give you a longer, more comfortable life.


Revitalize Your Cooling System With Six Critical Adjustments.

#1 cause of air conditioning failure and wasted energy is dirt and neglect. Clean the winter cobwebs, rust, dirt, test for electrical faults, system operating pressures. Calibrate and reset the finer points to squeeze every ounce of efficiency and comfort from your HVAC system .

  1. Avoid Electrical System Problems - test for loose connections and weak components that lead to breakdown and unsafe conditions.
  2. Air Movement System - poor airflow creates hotter or colder rooms and wastes energy. Air quality weakens. Clogged, dirty air filtration can restrict airflow by 65%, even overheat cooling unit.
  3. Dirty Exterior Condenser Coil - when clean improves efficiency and cooling performance.
  4. Test Refrigerant System- AC runs longer and shortens life with low refrigerant.
  5. Duct Connections - obstruction from debris or leaking duct wastes energy and affects air quality. Inspect for dirty air ducts and visible air leaks.
  6. Condensate Drainage System Inspection - avoid odors, standing water, water damage, ac unit not cooling, even shuts down.


AC Tune Up Is Your Best Return On Investment.

Servicing air conditioners makes dollars and sense. Let PDM restore your cooling system back to factory specifications so it runs better, safer and longer. Plus keep manufacturer warranty active.

Join PDM's Annual Maintenance Plan!

Join PDM's Annual Family Service Plan and you can be sure your HVAC system will always be ready to go when you need it.

Reset system to factory fresh specifications on one furnace and one air conditioning tune up, priority service, repair and service call discounts for any plumbing, heating, cooling problem. Good for one or more years. Satisfaction guaranteed and transferrable too.

Two Ac Units


Excellent Service. Brennon was on time (actually a little early), was polite, efficient and knowledgeable. He was very thorough in cleaning the air conditioner and advising what we needed. He completed the job in an excellent manner. Nice employee. -- Charles B.


Servicing Air Conditioners Work.

Neglecting necessary maintenance of AC ensures a steady decline in performance while energy use steadily increases according to Energy.Gov.

The Problem Solvers at PDM always have your satisfaction in mind, and no concern is ever too big or small. Our team of professionals love a finely tuned system.

  • Keep Your AC Warranty Valid - Order annual maintenance like your vehicle.
  • Enjoy Better Quality Cooling - A tuned-up system is an efficient system.
  • Avoid Unexpected & Unnecessary Repairs - It's better to have preventative maintenance visits you can count on than major breakdowns out of the blue.
  • Lower Your Energy Bills - A more efficient system costs less to run.

Enjoy Consistent Comfort With Our HVAC Maintenance Services!

That's just the start. Your HVAC system is one of the single biggest investments you'll make in your home, so it's vital that you take care of it. A regular HVAC tune up maintenance plan is an important step you can take to that end.

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Servicing Air Conditioners Is Only As Good As The Company That Stands Behind It.

How many companies do you know with a 138 year history? We couldn't get that far without offering quality work, great customer care and standing behind every promise we make.

Our technicians are members of the community and committed to taking care of their neighbors. We clean the work area and work in a safe and friendly way. Too many companies emphasize quantity of work over quality, but we never will. Call PDM Problem Solvers for dependable maintenance AC help.

Pdm Go Green
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Put Your Maintenance AC In Good Hands Today

The longer your system goes without consistent air conditioning maintenance, the more risk you run of having a major breakdown that could not only hurt your comfort but also your wallet. Don't take the chance! Send us a message online or give us a call at 815-726-6264 to schedule your AC tune-up appointment today!

Is maintenance on AC necessary?

Yes, maintenance of ac is necessary. The number one cause of higher utility bills and breakdowns is neglect and dirt in your HVAC system. If you do not maintain AC, the following can happen: 

  • Your AC unit will cool your home less efficiently.
  • Dirty fan blades can slow down your fan’s speed and strain its motor. 
  • Your AC unit’s coils can become corroded and break down. 
  • Your AC unit’s warranty can be voided. 

When you consider everything that can go wrong when you do not have your AC unit regularly serviced, it’s clear that a maintenance plan from a trusted professional is well worth the investment. When you get your AC unit serviced by us, a PDM tech will clean, adjust, calibrate and reset the finer points to factory specs. To learn more about our AC maintenance plans, contact us today

Why is my air conditioning freezing up?

When your AC unit is freezing up, something has altered your system that cools your evaporator coil more than it should, causing the unit to freeze up. Your air conditioning unit may be freezing up because: 

  • Your AC unit has blocked or low air flow. 
  • Your AC unit is being used too frequently.
  • Your AC unit has broken parts. 
  • Your AC unit is poorly maintained.
  • Your AC unit has low refrigerant levels. 

This problem won’t go away and can damage your AC unit’s compressor. You should check your air filter to see if it is clogged or dirty. You may find the problem is simply due to a dirty filter, which can block over 60 percent of the air flow and stress your system. Replace the air filter or remove it and see if cooling returns. You should let the frozen refrigerant lines thaw first before using the AC. If the problem persists, you may need to have your AC unit repaired by an HVAC technician. To get your AC unit repaired, call us today

Why is my air conditioner making a noise?

Your air conditioner may be making a noise due to damaged ducts, a clogged air filter, fan problems, coil damage, loose parts, faulty motor bearings and belts and even electrical issues. Some noises your air conditioner may make include: 

  • A squeaking, squealing or screeching noise -  can be due to an issue with the compressor, fan motor, bearings or damaged blower belts. 
  • A loud buzzing noise - is usually due to an electrical problem. 
  • A clicking sound - can mean your system relays or contractors are failing. 
  • A humming or rattling fan motor noise - can indicate that your AC unit needs to be cleaned, has a worn-out part or has bent or shifted blades. 
  • A banging, whining or whistling noise - can signal poor airflow problems related to leaky air ducts or a clogged air filter. 
  • A hissing noise - is usually due to a refrigerant leak. 
  • Shaking and rattling noise - can be caused by loose air conditioner parts related to air movement. 
  • Constant running noise -  can be due to bent outdoor coil fins. 

If your air conditioner is making a noise, but you cannot diagnose or repair the problem yourself, you should have an HVAC technician diagnose and repair your AC unit for you. To get your AC unit repaired, give us a call today

Air Conditioner Servicing Review

Brennon was very professional. He originally came to check my AC. When he found problems, he immediately told me, explained the issue, and let me know the cost. Once I gave the okay, he was able to repair the issues quickly. -- Jan B.


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