Air Conditioning FAQ 2024

Air conditioning FAQ

AC Frequently Asked Questions 2024


Air Conditioning FAQ: Is Cleaning A/C Unit Necessary?

Manufacturers know a HVAC system can degrade 3% per year. When components start to degrade the system works harder to produce the same result. This is one reason why manufacturers can void the warranty if you fail to maintain the system. 

Shine a light on dirty threats which are the #1 causes of breakdowns and wasted energy.

  1. Annual AC safety check warns you if your HVAC system has potential weaknesses or can make you sick.
  2. Tune-up improves energy efficiency, air quality, and helps avoid expensive emergency repairs.
  3. A knowledgeable, kind-of-a-neat-freak will clean, adjust, calibrate and reset the finer points to factory specs. Improves comfort, lowers utility bills and extends equipment life.
  4. Annual HVAC maintenance plus duct cleaning keeps you healthy and worry-free by cleaning bacteria, mold, dust mites, pollens, VOC’s and pollutants from your indoor air system.

When compared to what can go wrong, or even close your business, it’s clear that a HVAC maintenance plan from a trusted professional is well worth the investment. Learn what a PDM AC tune-up includes.  


Why Is My Central Air Conditioner Not Cooling, Not Blowing Cold Air, Not Kicking On?

  1. Thermostat is a common problem. Make sure power is on (replace batteries?) and is the fan set on Auto and Cool? Set 5 degrees lower that room temp.
  2. Dirty furnace air filter can reduce air flow by 60% and affect the evaporator coil. Poor air flow can cause ice buildup on refrigerant line. Turn off unit if you see ice build up on refrigerant lines. 
  3. Clogged condensation drain pipe. Your A/C removes humidity from the air and drains out from a pipe. Algae, even mold can block the drain pipe and shut down the cooling.
  4. Dirty outdoor compressor or indoor evaporator coils. Dirt, leaves, spiders, or mold, can reduce cold air. Clean both coils. Do not bend the outdoor fins when cleaning. Use a soft brush or gentle water hose spray to clean the outdoor unit. If the outdoor condenser fins are bent you may need a special fin straightening tool.  
  5. Electrical fault. Why is the outside condensing unit on, but the fan is not moving or slowly moving? Can be a faulty outdoor condenser fan motor or run capacitor switch. If condenser is not working at all check dual run capacitor or contractor. Check air handler float safety switch, drain line and electrical breaker panel for any tripped.
  6. Low refrigerant. A/C won’t cool on a hot day, but works on cooler days can mean low refrigerant. Call PDM for professional help today.


Why Is My Air Conditioning Freezing Up?

A/C refrigerant line is covered in ice—which seems crazy on a hot day. Freezing up generally has to do with blocked or low air flow, over-use, broken parts or refrigerant problems. Chances are ice forms around the inside evaporator coil preventing the a/c system from working.

  1. DO THIS NOW. Turn the thermostat COOL system OFF and turn the FAN ON to help defrost the unit. This helps to defrost the coil and prevent damage to the expensive compressor. After ice melts you can turn on the AC again. If ice appears again turn AC off and call the PDM Comfort Team.
  2. Check furnace air filter. Does it look like a gray furry cat? You may find the problem is simply due to a dirty filter which can block over 60 percent of the air flow. Replace filter or remove dirty filter and see if cooling returns.
  3. Are duct air registers and return line not blocked by drapes or furniture?
  4. If the problem continues contact PDM Cooling before this sticky situation becomes worse. And if you haven’t had air conditioning maintenance it’s time to act. You’ll feel better.


Why Is My Air Conditioner Making A Noise?

Listening to a specific sound can provide a clue about what’s wrong with your HVAC system. Common causes of air conditioner noise are related to damaged ducts, clogged air filter, fan problems, coil damage, loose parts, motor bearings and belts, even electrical issues.

Squeaking, Squealing, or Screeching Noise

Loud Buzzing Noise

Humming Noise

Banging, Whining or Whistling Noise Could Signal Airflow Problems

Hissing Noise from A/C

Shaking and Rattling Noise

AC Making Constant Running Noise


Answering A/C FAQ Since 1885

Got air conditioning FAQ? Ask a knowledgeable, kind-of-a-neat-freak PDM Cooling technician. PDM will get you back to normal fast. Contact the oldest cooling specialist in the greater Joliet, Plainfield, New Lenox, Lockport, Homer Glen, Bolingbrook, IL area.  Call 815-390-7095.

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