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Q: What's the number one cause of AC failure?

A: Dirt and neglect, which are both very preventable.

Maintenance is a very important part of keeping your AC up and running. Even when your AC is working and doesn’t show any noticeable problems, performing regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit can help to detect small, hidden problems, as well as other things that may become problems down the line. Spotting these smaller issues quickly can help to save you money on unnecessary repairs in the future.

The PDM Comfort Team can perform regular tuneups that will help your AC run more efficiently for longer.

PDM Air Conditioning Maintenance Service Truck
Outside Ac Condenser Maintenance

Our Air Conditioning Maintenance Service

At PDM Cooling, we always have your satisfaction in mind, and no concern is ever too big or small for us. AC maintenance adjusts, calibrates and resets the finer points to squeeze every ounce of efficiency and comfort from your AC unit. Our team of AC professionals can help you:

  • Keep your warranty valid - You might void it if your AC doesn’t get regular maintenance.
  • Enjoy better quality cooling - A tuned up system is an efficient system.
  • Avoid unexpected and unnecessary repairs - It's better to have preventative maintenance visits you can count on than major breakdowns out of the blue.
  • Lower your energy bills - A more efficient system costs less to run.
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