What To Do With Rusty Water?

Unhealthy Pipes

Sometimes Rusty Water Comes Out Of The Tap Or Water Tastes Like Iron What’s That About?

Rusty water can come from anywhere in your plumbing system. On its own, rusty water is not harmful bacteria or lead, which are unhealthy. Rust can be a metallic taste in water and generally caused by dissolved metals, such as iron, copper, or sometimes manganese.

The EPA regulates the treatment of drinking water contaminants according to primary and secondary standards. Public city water systems must test for primary contaminants on a regular basis, but testing for secondary contaminants, like rust, is voluntary.

  • Iron in your water is not a health hazard, but neither is it very aesthetic.
  • A tiny amount of dissolved iron can turn the water an alarming reddish-brown color, give tea and coffee a disagreeable flavor, and give your fresh veggies a strange dark color.
  • Rusty water may indicate that the pipes are corroding and can eventually leak.
  • Rusty water can mean your water heater have become rusty or corroded. Try draining and flushing your water heater’s tank. Sediment build up is the number one causes of water heater leaks.
  • If suddenly all hot and cold water faucets are rusty chances are there is water main or fire hydrant problem.
  • If one or two faucets you can run water for 15 minutes to flush or until clear water returns. If rust continues it may be because your pipes have corroded. If you have a corroded or rusted pipe, replace the pipe ASAP and avoid other problems.
  • PDM Rust Doctors have filters that work well in our area for city or well water.

If You Have Rusty Water Or A Filtering Problem, PDM Has A Prescription For You.

Nobody should have to shower in–much less drink rusty water. We’ll make sure you never have to. Ask for FREE water treatment advice. Contact PDM Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Since 1885 today at 815-207-4111. Serving Joliet and SW Chicagoland.

Learn more on your city water testing from the EPA Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).


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