Chlorine Water Treatment: What You Need To Know

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The Good And Bad Of Bathing And Drinking Chlorinated Water.

Municipalities do their best to provide drinkable water to you. The city uses chlorine water treatment to kill most disease-causing bacteria and viruses. These chemicals are necessary to get the water to your home faucet, free of many contaminants that would make you sick.

However, scientists have known for years that consumption of chlorinated tap water carries risks including increased rates of bladder cancerbirth defects, and brain cancer. While you can evaporate out most chlorine and chlorination byproducts simply by letting a pitcher of water sit for a couple of days, when you bathe or shower with tap water, you will be exposed to chloroform, a hazardous byproduct of chlorination that can be absorbed through the skin, by breathing, or by ingesting shower water.

PDM’s Drinking Water Treatment Can Help And Whole Home Water Filter. 

The treatment is much easier than spritzing yourself with Evian water. A top-quality filter can cleanse chlorine contaminants from all the water coming into your house. “Bottled water” throughout your entire home, cost-effectively and conveniently.

The filter is connected to the main water line entering your home. It works automatically… nothing for you to do except enjoy the benefits of clean, healthier water at every faucet. If you want the best filtering system, we can include a reverse osmosis filter for drinking and cooking.

 No Risk 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.

  1. If you are not sure this is the right solution to your problem, we have a special offer.
  2. Try it for 30 days. Enjoy the benefits of clean, clear filtered water throughout your home. If at the end of the 30- day free trial period, you are not happy for any reason with the ultra- clean filtered water, PDM will remove the system and return the money you paid.
  3. No hassle, no questions asked!

People Ask How We Can Make This Unconditional Guarantee Offer? 

It’s easy. We have been in the business of providing quality water to our clients for over 137 years. We know what works. Contact the PDM Filtering Experts for free advice. Call 815-726-6264

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