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Pdm Pr Humidifier Whole Home Humidifier
How Dry Air Affects Your Health   Dry winter air can make you sick and steal your money. Naturally you feel dry air in the…
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Humidifier Tech Furnace Maintenance Checklist
Don't Take Heating Maintenance Lying Down. Lower your utility bills. Catch an unwanted furnace breakdown before it happens. Avoid unsafe furnace or boiler operation. And…
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Boiler With Hot Water Tank 253x300 1 Carbon Monoxide FAQ
Carbon monoxide FAQ Did you know carbon monoxide can replace the oxygen in your red blood cells? This can lead to tissue damage, even death.…
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Lyric Leak Detector 600x337 1 Water Leak and Freeze Detector
Honeywell's WiFi Water Leak and Freeze Detector. Alerts for water leaks and freezing pipes. Who doesn't like an early warning system? According to the American Insurance…
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Pdm Technicians Working On Air Ducts Clogged Dryer Vent Warning Signs.
Is my clothes dryer vent clogged? Poorly vented or clogged exhaust vent can cause fire hazards and even carbon monoxide poisoning. Failure to clean the dryer…
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Fireplace conversion Fireplace Conversion To Gas
  Wood Fireplace Conversion to Gas. The results can be impressive. With modern design options like a large viewing area and LED lighting can produce…
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Plumber Pipe Leak Piping Service
Piping Service Solutions For Water, Gas, Air, Steam, Chilled and Sanitary Piping. PDM is your piping service specialist beginning 136 years ago. We created some of…
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