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When Do You Replace a Carbon Monoxide Detector?
How long does a Carbon Monoxide Alarm last? Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector alarms have a lifespan of 5-10 years before they lose a sense of…
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10 Common Boiler Repairs
  Trusted boiler repair since 1885. You can start with the area's oldest local boiler repair expert. PDM Plumbing, Heating, Cooling has maintained, repaired and installed…
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Furnace Maintenance Checklist
Don't Take Heating Maintenance Lying Down. Lower your utility bills. Catch an unwanted furnace breakdown before it happens. Avoid unsafe furnace or boiler operation. And…
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Carbon Monoxide FAQ
Carbon monoxide FAQ Did you know carbon monoxide can replace the oxygen in your red blood cells? This can lead to tissue damage, even death.…
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Fireplace Conversion To Gas
  Wood Fireplace Conversion to Gas. The results can be impressive. With modern design options like a large viewing area and LED lighting can produce…
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Why Hire PDM Plumbing, Heating, Cooling
  Looking out for your best interests since 1885 Why? Because your best interest means we genuinely care about your safety and your equipment performance.…
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Five Signs of a Dirty Furnace Air Filter
  Dirty Furnace Air Filter Can Reduce Airflow By 60%. It's easy to forget about replacing a dirty furnace air filter. But imagine breathing through…
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How A Heating & Cooling Zoning System Works
Zoned Heating and Cooling Controls Temperature and Lowers Utility Bills. A zoned heating and cooling system allows your furnace and air conditioner to use dampers…
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How to heat a garage or workshop?
  Garage Heating. Unit Heater. When it comes to garage heating the first thing to ask is are walls and ceiling insulated? Insulated garage door…
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HVAC Clean & Check: 5 Unhealthy Bugs In Your System
HVAC tune-up can stop trouble before it begins. Dust is a hodgepodge of contaminants circulating in your air ducts and HVAC equipment. Did you know a…
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