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Benefits of Water Softeners.

Hard water can cause problems with skin and hair, can make cleaning more difficult, and can damage appliances.

When water moves through soil and rocks, it dissolves small amounts of minerals, which then becomes part of the water. Contaminants can also be absorbed in this process. The higher the concentration of calcium and magnesium in a water supply, the higher the degree of hardness.

While hard water is not bad for your health it can reduce moisture in your skin and hair and leave behind a film on your plumbing fixtures. This can cause you to feel less clean to the touch, affect dandruff and irritate dry skin problems such as eczema and give you more work to clean up. A water softener can help.

Hard water is more than an irritation. As the areas oldest water filtration and water softener expert we get asked “what is hard water” often. In reality hard water is like concrete. Over time hard water scale builds up in pipes, appliances and plumbing fixtures.

Hard Water Minerals Stick To Everything It Touches.

Hard water joins with soap to make a sticky paste that clings to your skin, hair, clothes, sinks, tubs, therefore makes your life difficult and yes, more costly.

Washing clothes with hard water can cause your clothing, towels, sheets to look dull and break down more quickly over time. Additionally, dishwasher hard water can leave spots on dishes. Plus mineral deposits requires more soap and makes cleaning sinks, faucets, toilets, counters and floors take longer and can leave residue on your surfaces. Having a water softener is like having a Scrubbing Helper.

How Do Water Softeners Work?

Hard water is made of calcium and magnesium, both positively charged molecules. A water softener is designed with negatively charged resin beads. The resin beads in a water softener are coated with sodium ions. When hard water flows through the water softener, the calcium and magnesium ions in the water are attracted to the sodium ions and stick to the resin beads. The sodium ions are then released into the water, making it softer.

Benefits of Removing Hard Water.

A water softener system can correct the negative effects of hard water and make your daily life easier. We hook up the soft water piping for hot water only to protect appliances and for bathing.

Moreover, when you reduce dissolved minerals from your tap water, you can help make your life easier. A water softener can last between 10 to 15 years if maintained properly.

Which Water Softener Is Right For You?

The main difference between water softeners is the efficiency in which these hard water minerals are removed. We can also help with problems like such as iron and sulfur.

High-efficiency softeners use less salt and water needed to regenerate. Ion exchange is the only way to truly soften water. Now that you know a little about hard water affects, let PDM water filter experts test your water and find a solution. Call the PDM Clean Team for trusted home or commercial water treatment, maintenance, repair and install advice.

Water Softener Installation & Maintenance.

It is important to check the salt level regularly and to add salt when needed. It is a good idea to have a water softener inspected by a professional on a regular basis. Our caring staff highly qualified for water softener service. In addition to 100 years of experience our team is fully background checked, drug screened, and all our plumbers/partners are licensed, bonded and carry the proper insurance always. Call 815-726-6264 for trusted service.

Interested in a Free Water Softener Estimate?

  1. We’ll begin by asking a few questions about your water usage. For example, a normal person in the USA uses about 75 gallons of water a day. That will help us select the proper softener size.
  2. Your water will be tested for hardness (per gallon) and then multiply your hardness times number of gallons you use per day. That’s the amount of hardness your softener must remove in one day.
  3. You’ll receive our recommendations on the proper water softening equipment and an upfront price.
  4. Once you decide we’ll go to work planning how to make the installation look its best. We’ll prepare the area, make sure it’s safe and then clean up when complete. We’ll test the equipment then explain its operation.
  5. You’ll receive courteous, trained technicians, quality products, pricing before work begins, “100% satisfaction guarantee” and a proven track record.

Water Softener Companies Near Me.

Receive trusted service in the greater Joliet, Channahon, Shorewood, Plainfield, Bolingbrook, Homer Glen, Lockport, New Lenox, Frankfort and Tinley Park area for 138 years.



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