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What You Can Count On From PDM Service
When The Unexpected Strikes, Strike Back With Trusted PDM Service For Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Since 1885. The PDM service team works to make you comfortable,…
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12 Energy Saving HVAC Ideas
Home Energy Saving Ideas 1. Annual AC and Furnace Head-To-Toe Check-Up For Energy Saving Annual HVAC maintenance is the best way to minimize service calls,…
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Summer De-Humidification
Feeling hotter is one part of summer humidity. Even worse than that is what humidity can do to you, your family, your health and your…
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Why Is My Furnace Not Working? No Heating FAQ’s 2022
Furnace Not Working? No Heat? Check These Points Before Calling For Service. Is the thermostat set to HEAT? Is the temperature higher than room temperature?…
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Duct Cleaning: When Should You Consider?
Dust Is A Hodgepodge Of Things Dust that accumulates in your air ducts is some combination of human skin, animal fur, allergens, lint, soil, decomposing…
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