Summer De-Humidification

Dehumidifier Equipment Photo

Feeling hotter is one part of summer humidity. Even worse than that is what humidity can do to you, your family, your health and your energy bills too.  A dehumidifier can help.

Your air conditioner is only a partial solution—only removing humidity as a by-product of cooling. If you turn your thermostat lower to get rid of that clammy feeling, you may be making your home cooler than necessary. That wastes energy and money.

Portable dehumidifier is only a partial solution for one room of your home, but they simply aren’t designed to serve your whole home. They’re noisy and require a lot of maintenance. And due to their design they are inefficient at removing moisture in real life conditions. At lower temperatures they remove substantially less moisture than rated but still use almost the same amount of energy.

PDM dehumidifier help control excess humidity that can cause the growth of mold and mildew in your home. Call PDM and we will offer free dehumidifier advice. Serving Joliet SW Chicago suburbs since 1885.

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