11 Energy Saving HVAC Ideas

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  1. Annual AC and furnace head-to-toe check-up. Regular maintenance is the best way to minimize service calls, eliminate surprises, and control your total cost of operation. Federal Energy Management Program shows regular maintenance: Reduces energy use up to 30%, Downtime cut by 35-40%, Cuts breakdowns by 70-75%, Lower repairs 5-20%.
  2. Air filter. Dirt is the number 1 cause of breakdowns. Change your air filter regularly. Get the right professional grade furnace air filter with free delivery. Order air filters online here.
  3. Plugging air leaks – According to the EPA and Energy Star, you can save up to 10 percent on utility bills just by plugging air leaks. Infiltration of hot or cold air is your worst enemy. The fewer holes in your home the less energy it takes to keep you comfortable
  4. New, efficient furnace or boiler – A new high-efficiency heating system can often cut your furnace’s pollution output in half. If you heat with gas, upgrading your furnace or boiler from 56% to 90% efficiency will save 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year and can lower heating bills up to 30%. Each degree over 68°F can add 3% to the amount of energy needed for heating.
  5. New air conditioning system – Outdated units can waste up to 40% of your energy. According to the U.S. Department of energy, the average American home consumes more than 2,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity a year, causing power plants to emit about 3,500 pounds of carbon dioxide and 31 pounds of sulfur dioxide.
  6. Whole home humidifier helps to conserve energy in winter. The air in your home won’t be as dry, so you stay comfortable by lowering temperature settings a few degrees. Whole home humidifier can reduce heating up to 20%, help avoid sickness and keep you more comfortable.
  7. Do thermostats matter to you? They control up to 50% of your energy bill. Here’s one of the easiest ways you can save energy, money, and help fight global warming, and it’s automatic. EPA says a programmable thermostat can lower heating and cooling bills by 20%. Change your temperature just one degree can cut your energy use up to 5%. Contact PDM for Free thermostat advice and see changes on your utility bills.
  8. Whole home power ventilator can replace all of your home’s stale air every few minutes with fresh outdoor air.
  9. Fireplaces – make sure you have tight-fitting dampers, which can be closed when the fireplace is not in use.
  10. Windows – Cut heat transfer through your windows by 40% to 50% with double pane windows and more with triple pane. In the summer block direct sunlight from windows and use blinds, drapes to block sunlight in the hottest part of the day. Winter, let the sun heat your home and close drapes at night to keep more heat inside.
  11. Kitchen and bath exhaust fans draws conditioned outside your home. Depending on the size of your fan you can pull all of your heated or cooled air outside in an hour. Use fans sparingly.
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