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Drain Cleaning Recipe. In the old days dogs and rats were used to clean sewers. In the early years, before specialized equipment came along to…
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Faucet Drips. Fix A Leak. You’ll Feel Better That You Did. Faucet drips can waste a lot of water over time. And an old faucet…
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Chlorine Water Treatment: What You Need To Know
The Good And Bad Of Bathing And Drinking Chlorinated Water. Municipalities do their best to provide drinkable water to you. The city uses chlorine water…
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What You Can Count On From PDM Service
When The Unexpected Strikes, Strike Back With Trusted PDM Service For Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Since 1885. The PDM service team works to make you comfortable,…
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How to Flush Water Heater
Use Extreme Caution -- Hot Water Heater Can Scald You In Seconds. To further conserve energy and for safety, flush hot water heater after bathing,…
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The Physics of Frozen Pipes
How To Fix Frozen Pipes. One of the earliest signs of a frozen pipe is when no water comes out of your faucet. If you…
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