How to Flush Water Heater

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Use Extreme Caution — Hot Water Heater Can Scald You In Seconds.

  1. To further conserve energy and for safety, flush hot water heater after bathing, washing clothes, or cleaning dishes when less hot water is in the tank.
  2. Turn the water heater temperature control to low or OFF to prevent the gas burner from lighting. If you turn off then relight when done. Electric water heater? Make sure you turn off the power before draining. If you don’t you could destroy the heating elements.
  3. Option one: Open the drain at the bottom of the water heater twice a year, draining about 5 gallons can be fine. This helps prevents\ hard water sediment accumulation. A water softener protects water appliances by removing hard water minerals.
  4. Option two: connect garden hose to the water heater drain and run to floor drain or outside. Be aware, you may have excessive sediment in the water that can clog your drain. Check water quality while draining – cloudy, rusty…. Be careful as when you turn off-on cold water to flush the tank the hose water pressure may move the hose. Secure the drain hose.
  5. Do not drain hot water into a toilet as it may crack or onto your lawn as it will kill the grass.
  6. Turn on kitchen or tub hot water faucet.
  7. Water heater – turn off cold water supply value (top of heater). Make sure you do not leave the gas burner on when the water valve is closed as it can cause excessive pressure gas pressure to buildup. Close the water heater gas valve.
  8. Drain heater until little water pressure. Turn off kitchen faucet.
  9. Flush water heater tank by turning on-off water heater cold water valve a number of times to help clean tank of sediment.
  10. Add water and drain until clean.
  11. Tighten heater drain, turn on cold water supply and fill. When water is full turn on gas or electric. Please Note: After many years of experience, sometimes a drain valve that’s never been opened before, especially an old plastic drain valve, will leak when closed. If it does rather than replacing the shut-off valve you can screw on a steel cap with pipe thread to stop water leak.
  12. Improve efficiency and water quality with annual water heater flush.

Flush Water Heater Near Me

If you don’t feel comfortable with this chore, contact a PDM professional to flush water heater. PDM Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Since 1885 serves Joliet-SW Chicago suburbs.

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