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Add Low-Flow Water Saving Faucet Aerators.

With water levels falling drastically and some areas facing a severe water shortage, a simple device called a water saving faucet aerator could come in handy in controlling the flow of water.

Install Low-Flow Shower heads.

These can reduce your water waste by as much as 60%. A standard shower head uses 4 to 7 gpm. A low-flow shower head uses 2.5 gpm or less. With a fifty-fifty mix of hot and cold water, the savings in heated water would be about three gallons per minute of showering. So, during a five-minute shower, a low-flow shower head saves about 15 gallons of heated water. Multiply that by a spouse and two teenagers (and longer shower times) and you can easily save 60+ gallons of heated water in just one day of showering. You’ll enjoy a low flow shower head in more than one way.

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