Heat Exchanger Cracked

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What Is A Heat Exchanger?

The heat exchanger is the largest component of your home’s heating system, and over the course of its lifespan, it can begin to develop cracks. If your furnace heat exchanger cracked, the system may not be able to completely combust fuel. This can lead to high and dangerous levels of carbon monoxide entering your home.

It is hard to know if your heat exchanger is cracked without an HVAC technician’s inspection. Our service technicians will be able to identify the condition of your heat exchanger using specialty tools and video inspection systems to examine it closely.

A heat exchanger is combination of one or more chambers or “cells” where the air in your home gets heated. The heat exchanger is designed as a barrier, its job is to contain a 3300 degree fire*, transmit the heat to an occupied living space, and vent the toxic combustion by-products to the outdoors, without harming anyone. (*Approximate temperature of burning natural gas.).

If My Heat Exchanger Is Cracked How To Repair 

There is only one way to repair a cracked heat exchanger and that involves either replacing the heat exchanger (some may be under warranty) or replace the whole furnace itself.  If your heat exchanger is cracked or has a hole in it, your furnace must be condemned for unsafe operation as it can cause sickness, even death from carbon monoxide poisoning. Heat exchangers are not cheap and if your furnace is over 10 years old you may decide a new furnace makes more sense with a good warranty, energy savings, and comfort.

Schedule a Furnace and Heat Exchanger Inspection

PDM Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Since 1885 is a trusted neighbor who cares. Let us perform a complete furnace check-up  for safe, efficient operation. Contact PDM online or call 815-207-4111. PDM serves Joliet SW Chicago suburbs.

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