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Sewer Grease Trap, Grease Intercepter & Catch Basin Help.

Are ankles kissing in the night while clogged drains spit and toss behind your back? Every food establishment – from a coffee shop serving milk to a restaurant preparing deep-fried foods – is most likely discharging Fats, Oils and Grease – FOG.

All food service providers are responsible for installing a grease trap device to keep FOG from entering their side sewer and the public sewer line.

PDM can clean, repair and install your grease traps and catch basins quickly. PDM serves the needs of many commercial kitchens. Our problem-solving plumbers will get things flowing in the right direction fast.


Grease Trap Plumbing Tip:

Help reduce service calls by not using hot water (over 140 degrees), acids, caustics, solvents, or emulsifying agents when cleaning grease traps (weekly) & interceptors. Sorry, but this can be a dirty job. Roll up your sleeves and scrape the grease trap sides, lid, and the baffles with a putty knife to remove excess grease.


Lift Station Maintenance.

Keep your equipment in top operating condition. Test your ejector pump and impeller and check motor amps. Clean your floats, inspect check valve, alarm system and make sure your motor electrical connections are tight and parts show no signs of wear.


Pdm Drain Cleaning Serviceman And Power Rod Machine


Drain & Sewer Cleaning Service

PDM Clean Team has been keeping drains flowing for over 100 years. Some of our drain services include:

In-line video sewer inspection. Take the guesswork out of sewer line cleaning and repairing. A PDM drain and sewer video camera lets you see grease buildup, leaks, broken pipe, obstructions and the best solutions.

Clogged drains opened fast with powerful water jetting or power rodding equipment. Roots, grease, you name it PDM’s experience can minimize your downtime. Power rodding and then water jetting to clean the drain thoroughly.

Broken sewer line fixed right. When you’ve been repairing and installing sewer piping for over 100 years you learn a lot. PDM can help with:


Commercial Rooftop Drain Problems?

Water backing onto or under your roof membrane and causing unwanted problems? Whether your rooftop drains are stopped up or you need to add more, PDM will get things flowing in the right direction.

Drain Roof


Roof Drain Tip. 

Locate drains no more than 50 feet from roof perimeter. Place drains no more than 100 feet apart. No roof area should have less than two roof drains. Horizontal pipe capacity must be checked. Cast iron roof drain piping is available in 2″, 3″, 4″, and 6″ diameters. Let PDM h


elp avoid future roof drain leaks and inconvenience.


Flooding Protection: Sewer Backflow Valve.

In some areas, flooding can cause sewage from sanitary sewer lines to back up into buildings through drain pipes. Sewer backups cause damage that is difficult to repair and create health hazards. A good way to protect your business from sewage backup is to install sewer backflow valves, which are designed to block drain pipes temporarily and prevent flow into the building. Send us a message online or call 815-390-7095 today.

Call a drain company with a 139 year proven track record

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