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Indoor Air Is To Breathing Like … Well … Lungs Are To Your Home.

You might not want to use that comparison on your next science test. Still, it gives us a chance to make a point: when indoor air quality affects a person’s home, the lungs might be the first to know. That’s because there’s a real connection between indoor air quality and respiratory health, including lung diseases like asthma, even allergies.

Are You Concerned That Indoor Air May Cause Health Problems In Your Home Or Office?

The first question you’ll want to address is “when” you (or someone in your family) feel health symptoms that could be caused by poor indoor air quality. Do these health symptoms improve when you leave your home? Do they return when you come back inside? If so, you’re on your way to investigating an indoor air pollution problem.

The American Lung Association offers a checklist of questions to ask as you evaluate your environment, starting with the following potential sources:

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