AC Tune-Up: Why a Cool Day Is the Best Time

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Quite a few of us operate according to the principle “out of sight, out of mind.” Meaning, we don’t think about it until we actually need it. Unfortunately for many homeowners, their air conditioning system falls into that same “put it off” thinking – and they end up with a toasty surprise right when they want cool comfort. But there’s a better way. And a better time.

In the industry, we call it “the pre-season.” You might call it “spring.” This is when heating repairs fall off and air conditioning repairs aren’t yet hopping. So scheduling a preseason tune-up during this period gets you the attention you deserve at a time that is most convenient for you. However, when homeowners ignore their systems until they notice how warm they are – and that something’s wrong with their system – well… that’s happening all over town. The calls start coming in fast. Your appointment isn’t as convenient, and you’re warm while you’re waiting.

So, what does a tune-up actually involve? says that a typical maintenance check-up for your air conditioning system should include the following (and we do too):

So now that you’ve got this on your mind, why not schedule your tune-up now?  Save $20 on a quality ac tune-up, normally $129, now $109 for a limited time.

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