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Airborne viruses can live in the air for hours. 

What if you could reduce flu, cold and Covid-19 particles to almost zero? We know that we’d jump at the chance to protect our family and guests! Our air purifier testing found 99.4% of SARS-CoC-2 (Covid-19) virus was inactivated after 30 minutes in test chamber. Just running your furnace fan helps purify building air.

Sanitize your air, breathe easier with the best building air purifier.

Protect your health with one of the best air purifying device on the market. Actively purifies commercial space or the whole house by killing mold, bacteria and viruses, as well as reducing allergens, odors, smoke and other particulates in the air with its maintenance-free design.

Looking to do all you can to minimize flu and common cold concerns?

Commercial Air Purifier

World’s first self-cleaning design.

Air sanitizer solutions for:

We’re taking $100 OFF this incredible air purifying system for a limited time, and with its maintenance-free design, you’ll be saving money over traditional filter or UV based systems. Give your local air quality professionals at PDM a call to learn more and schedule your installation for better health today. Contact PDM today for free advice. Call (815) 726-6264.

Is your furnace humidifier working to help your immune system fight the flu?

Dry indoor air increases the transmission rate of airborne cold, flu and COVID-19 viruses.

Humidifier TechA whole house humidifier reduces the transmission rate of airborne viruses by adding moisture back into your home’s air. Keeping the humidity in your home between 30-60% will help reduce the negative effects of dry indoor air like dry skin, chapped lips, bloody nose, and sore throats. Dry, heated indoor air without a humidifier normally is 20% relative humidity, less than desert air.

Clean and maintain your furnace and whole-home humidifier for added comfort and lower heating bills while improving your immune system.

Call the oldest indoor comfort specialist.

Let the PDM Comfort Team help improve your Indoor Air Quality. PDM has been serving the greater Bolingbrook, Homer Glen, Joliet, New Lenox and Plainfield, IL areas for 136 years. Contact PDM Plumbing, Heating, Cooling today for free advice. Call (815) 726-6264.


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