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Even as commercial restroom technology advances, with features like water-saving faucets, toilets, and urinals,breakdowns can still happen. That’s where PDM Plumbers comes in. Our experienced plumbers thrive on tackling tough commercial toilet or urinal repair challenges.

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We understand that a malfunctioning restroom can disrupt your entire business. That’s why we offer prompt, reliable service to get your facilities back in top condition quickly.

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Our plumbers are highly trained and experienced in handling all types of commercial restroom fixtures, including those from leading brands like Sloan and Zurn.

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7 Toilet Or Urinal Flush Valve Troubleshooting FAQ Tips 2024

1. Toilet or Urinal Has a Poor Flush.

Do you have enough water to adequately siphon the fixture? Do you have the wrong part installed or a faulty water saving kit?

2. Flush Valve Runs.

If a Diaphragm flushometer: Replace the Solenoid assembly. Rinse a clogged diaphragm bypass orifice. The diaphragm assembly may be faulty. Or a low water pressure problem.  If a Piston type flushometers: Debris is blocking the bypass; clean, rinse the orifice. Replace the piston assembly because a faulty relief valve seat. Or low water drop causes the valve to run.

3. Flush Lasts Too Long.

Your diaphragm by-pass orifice may be clogged or you have a relief valve problem. If cleaning does not work, replace the diaphragm.  If water line pressure is not sufficient to force the relief valve to seat, shut off all control stops until the pressure has been restored, then open stops again.

4. Short Flush. Flush Valve Shuts Off Immediately. .

Your diaphragm assembly is worn. Yo have a damaged handle assembly. A water saver diaphragm assembly may to be replaced or relief valve with the correct flush volume. If you’d like professional help, call PDM.

5. Flush Valve Does Not Flush.

Is the control stop or the main valve supply closed? Or maybe the handle assembly or relief valve is worn out?

6. Splashing Water.

Water splashing out of a fixture or from a leaky flush handle can be a safety and health risk. Your control stop may be open more than necessary or a wrong diaphragm assembly was installed.

7. Water Leaking.

Flushometer can leak in a number of places including: Flushometer Cover Leak, Control Stop Leak, Tailpiece Leak, Spud Flange Coupling Leak, Vacuum Breaker Leak, Handle Leak.


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