Fireplace Conversion To Gas

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Wood Fireplace Conversion to Gas.

The results or a fireplace conversion can be impressive. With modern design options like a large viewing area and LED lighting can produce a stunning effect set against the glass media or gas logs.

Changing to gas logs or installing a gas fireplace insert is a smart choice if you want to enjoy the soft mood of fire without the fuss. Open a bottle, read a good book, hold a loved one, or just be active with board games, TV, or baking. You have a few choices with a new gas fireplace conversion. 

A fireplace insert assumes you have a fireplace already. Essentially you want features and benefits lacking in your existing fireplace.

How much does fireplace conversion cost?

The cost to add gas logs in an existing fireplace can be from a few hundreds to a few thousand depending on the quality plus installation. It can take less than a day. You can expect heat output to be low to medium. We’d look at the availability of gas to the fireplace and the condition of chimney vent.

Code requires the damper to be fixed or removed. The flue vent must remain permanently open to ensure there isn’t an accidental use of the vented gas logs and carbon monoxide poisoning.

What are fireplace gas conversion kits?

The popularity, attractiveness and satisfaction says a lot about a fireplace conversion insert. A gas fireplace insert will give a beautiful fire and nice heat output.

The existing wood fireplace chimney liner is designed to burn only firewood. A gas fireplace insert requires a collinear gas insert liner in the fireplace flue to the chimney top. This direct vent technology brings fresh air in for combustion and then exhaust gases outside. 

Cost for a fireplace conversion can be as low as a few thousand plus installation costs. Time to install can be a day to over a week.

Ready to change your life?

A PDM Plumbing, Heating, Cooling gas fireplace conversion expert can visit your home for a free assessment. We can determine what you have now and discuss options at varied price points and amenities to meet your comfort needs. Contact PDM or call 815-726-6264. PDM has served Joliet, Bolingbrook, Plainfield, New Lenox and SW Chicago suburbs for over 135 years.

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