Commercial Plumbing for Local Churches and Schools: Learn More

Local communities are primarily built around schools and churches, however, these structures are generally older buildings that have been used for years. Keeping them up and running often includes repairing and upgrading their aging water and sewage systems. School and church plumbing services can quickly become complicated projects, especially when significant problems arise. Contracting an experienced commercial plumbing company is your best bet for ensuring everything goes smoothly.

You’ll find the best plumbers and services in southwest Chicago here at PDM Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. Since 1885, we’ve handled commercial plumbing projects with exceptional results and fair pricing. We are proud to provide various commercial plumbing services that offer many benefits to our local schools and churches.

Keep Your Restroom

Dripping faucets or leaky toilets are some common problems that may arise over time. Though these may not be immediate plumbing emergencies, the extra water lost through drips and leaks can quickly add up and lead to expensive water bills.

Sometimes, strong and unpleasant sewer smells begin emanating from restroom plumbing. Persistent sewer smells may indicate serious issues that require experienced professional interventions.

The restroom plumbing for schools and churches is used by thousands of people every year. Repair any issues quickly and keep your restrooms clean and functional with our exceptional commercial restroom plumbing services.

Repair or Avoid Leaky Pipes

Piping systems bring in water or remove sewage and waste while hiding away within the ceilings, walls, and floors of our buildings. Many schools and churches in southwest Chicago may be older buildings with outdated or aging plumbing. The older the building, the more likely the pipes are corroded or damaged—increasing the risk of poor water quality and leaks causing structural damage.

With over 138 years in the business, PDM is one of the longest-standing piping experts in the US. Our piping inspection and repair services provide high-quality results to safeguard school and church plumbing for years to come.

Prevent Potentially Dangerous Water Backflow

Annual school and church plumbing services should always include water backflow testing. Water backflow is the flow of water in the opposite direction it should go. Backflow can contaminate your drinking water with sewage and pollutants, making students and churchgoers sick. It typically occurs in one of two ways:

Most commercial buildings are required to have devices known as Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) water backflow preventers and valves installed in their systems. These specialized devices help you avoid the big messes and contamination from water backflow issues.

RPZ preventer devices and valves should be cleaned, tested, and recalibrated annually to ensure they continue functioning properly. Our state-certified water backflow testing team provides comprehensive RPZ device/valve services to keep the drinking water of our schools and churches safe from hazardous backflow contamination.

Call PDM for Plumbing Experience You Can Trust

Expert advice, high-quality service, and outstanding results are among the many reasons why we’ve stayed in business for well over a century. The satisfaction of our customers is important to us, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for a full year following the completion of each project.

Save yourself from the headaches of plumbing disasters and extra costs lost to leaky pipes and fixtures. Contact PDM Plumbing for your next school or church plumbing services.

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