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Heating, Cooling & Plumbing Maintenance
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Emergency plumbing, heating, cooling response is overrated compared to emergency avoidance. PDM works to anticipate your equipment’s needs before it becomes critical.

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Service Protection Plans

Our team of quality trained technicians will keep your HVAC and plumbing systems in tip top condition. Your system will receive scheduled attention in order to avoid problems before they occur. And when an unexpected problem does arise, you are our priority.

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Complete HVAC & Plumbing Planned Service

SEASONAL MAINTENANCE: Resetting equipment to factory specs offers your best return on investment. Have fewer unplanned repairs, improve equipment efficiency, lower utility bills and stay safe while keeping manufacturer warranty active. Tune-up once in heating season and once in cooling season.

FRONT OF THE LINE PASS: You get to "cut in line" ahead of non-members—even at the busiest times, for any plumbing, drain work or heating or cooling repair all year long.

FREE REPAIR: Ultimate Plan offers tune-up with all service and parts included (Some exclusions apply. Technician will determine if unit qualifies.)

DISCOUNTED TRIP CHARGE: Save $30 on trip charge for any repair. Normally $79. Now $49.

DISCOUNTED REPAIR PRICING: Save 5% off plumbing, heating or cooling repair. (Standard & Ultimate Plan)

EQUIPMENT REPLACEMENT IRA: Save for a future system retirement. Receive $50 of your investment back for every consecutive year you remain an agreement customer. Up to $300 for new furnace or ac. $50 credit towards new water heater, sump pump, IAQ or humidifier. (Ultimate Plan)

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Cancel at any time for any reason with the unused portion refunded.

ANNUAL PLUMBING MAINTENANCE: Ensure safe, efficient equipment operation. Includes: exposed piping, main water shut off valve, water heater, softener operation, sump pump test, drains, faucets, toilet operation tested. Repairs extra. (Ultimate Home Plan)

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