Joliet Hard Water Softener Repair & Install


Hard Water Filter Service Since The Early 1900’s.

For nearly 100 years, our family owned business has been providing hard water solutions. You’ll get the best water softener and water conditioning repair service in the Joliet SW Chicago Suburbs.

If your water softener has issues and needs to be maintained or repaired, give us a call. PDM services all major brands including Culligan water softener, Fleck water softener, GE water softener, Kenmore water softener, Kinetico water softener and more.

PDM will inspect your water softener top-to-bottom to learn what needs fixing, what needs maintaining & what can wait. We know Soft Water Systems!  We’re licensed, insured, background checked and have random drug testing for your protection. PDM is a member of the Better Business Bureau – with an A+ rating!

For fast water softener repair and water softener maintenance help call PDM plumbers at 815-726-6264.


Hard Water Is More Than An Irritation.

As the areas oldest water filtration and water softener expert we get asked “what is hard water" often. In reality hard water is like concrete. Over time hard water scale builds up in pipes, appliances (you should drain your water heater every year to remove minerals for a longer life and more hot water), and plumbing fixtures. Chemically hard water is high in dissolved minerals, both calcium and magnesium according to the USGS Water Science School.

As a result hard water minerals stick to everything it touches. Hard water joins with soap to make a sticky paste that clings to your skin, hair, clothes, sinks, tubs, therefor makes cleaning difficult and yes, more costly.

Is Hard Water Safe To Drink?

First of all hard water gives you essential dietary minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. Although you may receive a few benefits to drinking hard water, you might actually be better off switching to soft water. We usually hook up the piping for hot water only to protect appliances and avoid hard water hair and hard water skin. Hard water can reduce moisture in your skin and hair and leave behind a film. This can cause you to feel less clean to the touch. It also can affect dandruff  and irritate dry skin problems such as eczema.

Finally, by piping only the hot water to the softener, your natural hard water is still available to drink and water plants with cold water.

How Does Hard Water Affect House Hold Cleaning?

Washing clothes with hard water can cause your clothing, towels, sheets to look dull and break down more quickly over time. Additionally, dishwasher hard water can leave spots on dishes. Plus mineral deposits requires more soap and makes cleaning sinks, faucets, toilets, counters and floors take longer and can leave residue on your surfaces.

Find A Solution With PDM.

Now that you know a little about hard water affects, let PDM water filter experts test your water and find a solution. A whole home water softener system can help to correct the negative effects of hard water and make your daily life easier.


Skip the spa – the key to soft skin, shiny hair, and sweet smelling, fluffy clothes and laundry just might be your plumber and a new water softener. Since the early 1900’s, water softener installation has been a part of our business. Why? Because hard water is more than an irritation, it sticks to everything. Hard water minerals join with soap to make a sticky paste that clings to your skin, hair, clothes, sinks, tubs and makes cleaning difficult and more costly.

A Little Softness Goes a Long Way for Home and Business.

  • Hotel, grocery, retail, food service — Quality water for aesthetics and extended equipment life and towels, sheets, easier cleaning, happier guests.
  • Office buildings — heating system, pre-treatment, tenant convenience, and basic housekeeping.
  • Water filtration as a reverse osmosis and deionization pre-treatment.

Life is a whole lot easier with a new water softener for your home or business. We’ll custom design a water softener system for you. We don’t use flexible water pipes, but hand solder customized piping and test for safe operation.

Will County Readers' Choice AwardBenefits of a Water Softener.

Everything that touches water – like clothes, towels, bed sheets, bathing and cooking, even water appliances – improves.

  1. Soft water for softer skin, hair, cleaning, laundry, dishwashers, and yes, boilers.
  2. Hard water scale reduction and savings in detergent and hot water.
  3. Save with fewer repairs while extending the life of water appliances.
  4. PDM plumbers understand water softener operation and can help with any water softener need.

Contact a locally-owned shop with 100 years of water softener experience for free advice on your commercial water softener or home water softener system,

Joliet Hard Water Softener
Joliet Hard Water Softener

Hard water scale build up in a water heater

QuoteI want to compliment Dan, the plumber that replaced my water heater and moved the water softener for my new floor Mon. and Tues. of this week. He did beautiful work and was very prompt completing the job. He was friendly and polite. Thank you for the great service. I will definitely use your company in the future.” — Marge S.

Honey, Why Did I Have To Wash My Hair Twice?

A True Vacation Story

Chris, a PDM Senior Technician and his wife Keri recently drove to Appleton, Wisconsin to visit an old friend and her beautiful new home. The next morning Keri stepped into a shiny ceramic shower with glass doors. Keri washed her hair once and felt like it wasn’t quite clean so she added more shampoo and washed a second time. She came out of the bathroom and told me about the bad shampoo and how she had to use twice the amount to get her hair feeling cleaner.

For some reason the soap, shampoo and conditioner didn’t seem to work as it did at home. Then it hit us. Maybe Beth doesn’t have a water softener? Sure enough, a quick check of the basement showed no whole home water softener.

Life Is Easier With a Water Softener.

At breakfast we told Beth how much easier her life will be with a water softener. Her skin and hair will be smoother and softer after a shower or bath because soap lathers and rinses easier.

At home, we find that our water softener allows us to use 1/3 less detergent and better yet, our clothes are brighter and whiter. Keri mentioned that having a softener is like having a Scrubbing Helper – no more unsightly rings, stains or mineral build-up to darken your sinks, tile, shower doors or your day.

Furthermore I told Beth that hard water allows mineral build-up in water appliances and pipes. A softener keeps the pipes open and free flowing and increases appliance life like hot water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines. And the bonus is that a softener works with well or city water. For more information phone PDM at 815-726-6264

Hard Water Joliet Water Softener Service

Hard water is more than an irritation. Hard water minerals stick to everything. They join with soap to make a sticky paste that clings to your skin, hair, clothes, sinks, tubs and more.


First of all get softer, spa smooth skin & shiny, manageable hair.

Instead of washing away completely, hard water minerals and soap particles cling to your skin and hair.

If you wash your hair/body twice to feel cleaner you know what we mean.

Also, who doesn’t like fluffy towels and softer clothes and linens?

A water softener will make your laundry stay softer, brighter and last longer. Plus use less soap.

You don’t have to accept hard water problems as a way of life.

Finally, make household cleaning a breeze.

Stop fighting the hard water battle. A water softener is a Scrubbing Helper.

Prevents build-up on faucets. Reduces soap scum and white film. Save by using less cleaning products.

Water heater, plumbing appliances last up to 30% longer.

PDM installed some of the first water softeners. Call for free soft water advice and estimate. 815-726-6264

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