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  • Cold winter air can suck your immune system dry and cause upper respiratory ailments. Viruses that cause colds and flu thrive in low humidity. And, according to The American Society of Otolaryngology, dry air can make people more susceptible to infection and aggravate allergy, asthma symptoms.
  • Dry winter air can cause dry, cracking skin, static shocks, frizzy hair.
  • Dry winter air can cause walls, woodwork, and your beautiful hardwood floors to crack. Electronics can fall victim to static electric charges, requiring expensive repair or replacement.
  • Dry winter air can increase utility costs. Low humidity can make you feel cold at normal temperatures leading you to turn up the thermostat a few degrees.
  • Remove dry winter air. Install or maintain a whole home air humidifier to improve your health. Contact PDM for furnace humidifier repairs, maintenance and installation advice. Your Honeywell and Aprilaire air humidifier expert. Phone 815-726-6264.


How Your Body’s Immune System Works And The Power Of Humidity.

Naturally you feel dry air in the wettest parts of your body first. Your sinuses, throat, eyes and skin dry out making you uncomfortable. Dry nostrils can crack and give you a nosebleed.


Scorched Sinuses.

  • Sinus cavities are protected by paper thin and fragile mucous membranes?
  • Mucus keeps them pliable, but when dry, they crack allowing germs and sickness a direct channel into the bloodstream.
  • Cold bacteria and flu viruses linger in the dry air after someone coughs or sneezes or touches a doorknob.
  • Mucus’ job is to wash viruses and other icky invaders found in your nose and sinus into a little opening at the back of your throat, your uvula.
  • That’s where mucus from sinus cavities drains into your stomach allowing acids to kill the germs.
  • A whole home humidifier adds the moisture your body needs. Phone 815-726-6264 for free commercial or home humidifier advice and estimate.

Furnace Aprilaire Humidifier Lowers Heating Bills.

  • Moist air keeps your skin, mouth, and nose lubricated, helps prevent nasty static shocks and makes your home warmer allowing you lower heating bills up to 5% for every 1 degree you lower the thermostat.
  • A whole house humidifier also helps with creaky wooden floors, piano or other wood instruments, leather, furniture, rugs, sinus problems, comfort complaints, even electronics.
  • Adding a commercial or home humidifier is an easy way to stay healthy and lower heating costs this winter.

Your Body Furnace Regulates Temperature.

  • Body temperature is controlled by secreting moisture from perspiration, which evaporates, absorbing heat from your skin.
  • The dryer the air, the faster evaporation and quicker your body cools.
  • When it’s cold you feel chilly and turn up the furnace thermostat, drying the air even more, causing your body to evaporate moisture and the cooler you feel.
  • Your furnace then kicks up clouds of dust, pollen, and other allergens that can inflame your sinuses and airways. (Learn about air cleaner.)
  • For some people with asthma, cold and dry air can lead to a narrowing of breathing passages and trigger an attack.
  • Whole house humidifier removes dry air problems.

Dry Winter Air Reminders…

  • Seal your home. Prevent the cold, dry air outside from paying you an unwelcome visit. Can help lower heating bills 10% according to the EPA.
  • Hydrate often. Keep your skin and mouth moist by drinking.
  • Moisturize your skin. Use a good lotion for dry skin and keep your nasal passageways moist by using saltwater (saline) drops.
  • Air cleaner. Since your furnace is blowing dust and germs around, a whole home air cleaner can help you breathe easier. See air purity video.
  • Add comfort. Improve your health and indoor comfort by trying a PDM Whole House Humidifier. We believe in a humidifier for furnace so much we want you to try it for 30 days free. If you are not happy we’ll remove your whole home humidification system and refund your money.

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