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Quote…The staff was very friendly and they made sure to clean up after themselves. Since they were doing work in my home, it’s important that I could trust them because you don’t want to call just anybody. I would keep using them for my plumbing needs and I would absolutely recommend them to future customers." – Eleanor M. – More Reviews


Sewage and odors bubbling up from drains or toilet at the worst time? Granted, at times drain cleaning can seem easy but like most things in life you need the knowledge to read between the lines. The PDM Clean Team has the experience to find the answer for your job. And if you are concerned about who to invite into your home or business to get your broken or clogged drain flowing fast, we have you covered.

  • Highly trained PDM drain experts are uniformed, licensed, insured, even background checked and random drug-alcohol screening.  You can have complete confidence that you and your loved ones will be kept safe. Plus you’ll receive a text/email photo and bio of the nice guy who will visit.
  • Drain cleaning and sewer service expert will work to arrive ASAP. He’ll evaluate the sewer line job, offer his best advice and a competitive price before work begins.
  • You’ll receive a can do attitude and tough-minded perseverance to solve your broken or clogged drain problems.
  • Your PDM Clean Team cares and will leave no stinking mess behind.  We’ll make sure you are 100% satisfied before the sewer service job is done.

The Nice Guys at PDM have your back… Order priority emergency rooter drain sewer service and a proven 133 year track record.


Smart solutions for clogged drains. From clogged kitchen sink, unclog toilet, clogged bathtub, unclog shower drain, any drain unclogged including basement floor drains, washing machine drain pipe clogged, roof drain, restaurant drain cleaning and more.

  • Sewer camera can take the guesswork out of drain & sewer repairs and blockages.
  • Best Power Plumbing Snake cuts clogs and helps get you back to normal fast. High pressure sewer jetting. Powerful electro-mechanical power-snake rodding equipment uses a flexible steel cable and blade that rotates through your pipes to dislodge blockages. Plumbing drain or sewer snake and sometimes a drain auger is needed.
  • Sewer tree root cleaning expert.
  • Commercial sewer service and roof drain.
  • Sewage pump or sump pump maintenance, repair and install.
  • Broken sewer line repair and replacement
  • Sewer backflow valve prevents messy times.
  • Adding clean out drain stations make future drain cleaning easy.
  • New sewer pipe remodeling


If you’ve had similar drain cleaning emergencies in the past we can help prevent them from happening again in the future. Regular drain cleaning help lessen blockages, which can result in unsanitary conditions in your home or business. Call for a free initial onsite drain inspection.



When you’ve been repairing and installing sewer piping since indoor plumbing began you learn a lot. Licensed PDM plumbers can help with:

  • Cracked, broken, offset drain pipe – due to shifting, settling or frozen ground.
  • Corroded sewer pipes. Sewer line has deteriorated and collapsed the line
  • Sewer root problem. Bushes or tree roots entered the sewer line, preventing normal cleaning or damaged the line.
  • Leaking sewer line joints. Seals between pipes broke, allowing water to escape.
  • Off-grade drain pipe — substandard piping or deteriorated.


PDM solves clogged or slow commercial roof drain problems fast. Call an experienced drain plumber today.

  • Proper roof drain maintenance can prevent blocked drain lines and costly roof damage.
  • Avoid causing more roof damage, even mold growth, by adding more roof drains. See roof drain tips.
  • We’ll verify your roof’s primary and secondary drains are installed properly.
  • PDM is a cast iron expert.
  • Contact PDM Drain Professionals for honest roof drain advice. Call 815-726-6264

Quote“PDM did a great job, complete. Showed up on time, pleasant gentleman, good attitude, good equipment.”

— Mark @ JC Penny

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