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Looking out for your best interests since 1885

Why? Because your best interest means we genuinely care about your safety and your equipment performance. Your best interest means doing the job the right way, not easy way. And most importantly, when looking out for your best interest we will interrupt and tell you like it is; no BS, just honest advice and utmost respect. The PDM Clean Team has been on your side since 1885.

A trusted contractor is your most important choice – Consumer Reports®

  1. Don’t worry about who is going to be in your home or business. Besides a qualified team you’ll receive a photo and bio of who is coming over.
  2. We’re not like some companies who leave a mess for you to clean up. We protect your place like our own.
  3. We won’t cut corners or hide a mistake like some! The PDM Clean Team won’t stand for any of this cheap nonsense. Your comfort and safety has been our job for 135 years.
  4. Bottom line, our family-friendly team will treat you with the utmost respect and quality workmanship!
  5. We make agreements we are willing, able and want to keep.
  6. Learn of potential problems at the first opportunity and all possible solutions if something is not working.
  7. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Cheaper does not mean just as good. Some competitors don’t share our values of straight talk and doing the job the right way. We won’t take short cuts in order to cut the price to get work like some competitors. Your comfort and safety is our job for the life of your equipment, not just an install.

Do you want to take a chance with people who don’t care, or do you want to invest in a sure thing for over 130 years, from people who believe what you believe, and who genuinely care about doing right by you? 

Your PDM Clean Team

Neat, award winning repair and remodeling professionals will offer you their best advice on how to get back to normal fast. PDM Plumbing and HVAC craftsmen will always stand by their work and won’t cut corners when it comes to your comfort or safety. Our family-friendly team will treat you with the utmost respect. 

Guaranteed remodeling and equipment replacement. Call 815-726-6264

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100 Year Guarantee

“I am offering this 100-year guarantee because I have been burned in the past by contractors who do not do things the right way. I believe so much in my service that I will do what it takes, or in this case, go back to your home to make sure you are happy. Our services aren’t the least expensive, but they are the best and important to most people. Getting the job done once the right way and having a company stand behind it is our mission.” — Jake Mahalik, PDM V.P.



“Excellent Service and Price! Pete came out to my house to install a new kitchen sink and faucet. He was efficient, thorough, and friendly. Having recently moved to the area I am comforted knowing that I found a good company with trusted employees. Thank you, Pete and PDM!” — Lester in Shorewood

“Great Work. Anthony assessed the issue. Was spot on with what needed to be fixed and gave a fair and accurate quote. He and John helped us out with a major plumbing issue. He was even able to work with our plumbing fixtures even though they are over 40 years old. Thanks to PDM!” — Curt in Plainfield

Choose The Dependable PDM Clean Team   

The PDM Story; caring service from the very beginning.

Our long history of fresh ideas and a caring touches continues. Turning problems into solutions and finding new ways to add comfort to your life for 135 years. Your comfort is our business. Please contact PDM today or call 815-726-6264. For low cost financing click here.

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Your Comfort Guaranteed!

"We're Kinda Neat Freaks, Since 1885"