What do you know about popcorn?

popcornImagine 5600 years ago learning that a hard kernel of corn explodes into this ball of wonder! That’s what some Native Americans discovered in New Mexico. And over 1000 years earlier someone in Peru found the magic of pop corn.

Popcorn was very popular during the Great Depression because it was cheap food (about a nickel a bag). It was about then that movie theaters began selling popcorn. During WWII when sugar was rationed, popcorn became a popular snack.

In 1885 Charles Cretors invented the first commercial  popcorn machine in Chicago. Then Cracker Jack came along in 1896.

So why does it pop? Moisture and oil is packed inside the hull. When heated they turn into super pressurized steam (about 135 psi). At about 356 °F the breaking point of the corn kernel hull is reached and the corn kernel pops. Read more about popcorn in Wikipedia.

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