Weather Alert: Prepare for Flooding

Sump Pump Check-up Time!

Lots of rain, frozen ground and melting snow can mean flooded basements.
To help avoid flooding here aresump pump five sump pump tips:

  1. Test run your sump pump by lifting the float.
  2. Be sure that the pump is able to discharge the water………that the discharge line is not blocked by ice or snow.
  3. If you have a battery back-up pump test its operation and check the battery water level. Add distilled water if required. Check the discharge line to see that the piping is not blocked.
  4. If your pump is older than 3 years, call PDM to have it tested. For only $39.00 we can analyze its condition.
  5. Remember, every pump fails sooner or later. Be prepared. Learn more about sump pumps.