Universal Design Needs For Aging In Place.

Little things make a big difference. Universal design helps you or a loved one age in place.

Little things make a big difference. Universal design helps you or a loved one age in place.


Whether you or your family needs help today or tomorrow, universal design is a good investment for the home itself.  AARP.org outlines the most important elements of universal design:

  1. No-step entry: You should have at least one step-free entrance (either at the front, back, or side of the house) so everyone, including wheelchair users, can enter the home easily and safely.
  2. Wide doorways and hallways: A doorway that is at least 36 inches wide is great when you’re bringing home a new mattress or couch, but it’s even better when someone you care for, or a regularly visiting friend or family member, is in a wheelchair. Also, hallways that are 42 inches wide are good for multigenerational family members with varying “mobilities.”
  3. One-floor living: Access to essential rooms without the use of stairs makes life more convenient and safe for everyone.
  4. Easily accessible controls and switches: A person in a wheelchair can reach light switches that are 42-48 inches above the floor. Thermostats should be placed no higher than 48 inches off the floor, and electrical outlets 18-24 inches off the floor. Keep these measurements in mind when modifying your home.
  5. Easy-to-use handles: Consider replacing twist/turn doorknobs and faucets with lever-style handles for (painless) ease of use.

Another important area is your bathroom. From simple safety grab bars to a higher toilet to moving a wall all make daily living easier. Small things become big when you have different abilities and perceptions. Learn more about PDM bathroom remodeling.

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