Leaking tub-shower? Insurance rarely covers these expenses.


Water leaks cause expensive headaches and real health concerns. Water leaks usually lead to mold that makes some people really sick. Top it off with rotting wood you have some real repair work. Our job is to make sure water stays in the tub.

Slow tub or shower grout leaks?

Grout and caulking decay over time, and cracks develop. That’s when water seeps behind walls and floors causing tub and shower pans to corrode or to actually sink due to softening wood supports. The problem gets bigger when more water intrudes, leading to major repairs in plumbing, carpentry, tile work and more. Insurance rarely covers these expenses.


Make sure that all water from your shower or bath stays there. Secure shower doors and tightly close curtains. Take signs of mold seriously. Read EPA Brief Guide to Mold.¬†Keep your eyes open for cracks and don’t procrastinate. A little time now can save thousands of dollars later. On a preventive maintenance trip, PDM Plumbing, Heating & Cooling can inspect your tub and shower seals for you. Just ask.

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